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Snowman Decorations and Gifts Snowmen are popular winter and Christmas decoration choices all over the world. You can’t help but love them. Their sweet eyes, pudgy belly and cute smile make the season brighter. Snowman decorations will brighten up your home or office, and they also make awesome gifts for family and friends. Hang a […]

Snowman Decorations

The Heavenly Scent of Amber Patchouli Amber Patchouli Oil offers a slightly strong, sweet and intoxicating aroma! It can be described as a dark, musk-earthy aroma, reminiscent of wet soil. You might be thinking, “Wet soil…yuck!” But it really is a pleasant fragrance that this writer can’t smell often enough! When I first heard of […]

Amber Patchouli

Fun and Decorative Coastal Games and Puzzles If you love coastal design, then you probably want a touch of it in just about every room in your home. Have you ever considered decorating with coastal games and/or puzzles? These make a fun and unique addition to your beach theme. Game rooms aren’t the only place […]

Coastal Games and Puzzles

Popular Paint Colors and Wallpaper for Coastal Design Let’s face it. If we are bringing a coastal or nautical theme into any space, paint color and wallpaper designs play an important part in the process. There are certain paint colors that really go well with coastal themes, and wallpaper additions can greatly impact the feel […]

Coastal Paint and Wallpaper

Coastal and Nautical Bedding Your bedroom can take on an entirely new look by simply changing out your bedding! Add fresh bed covers, decorative pillows, blankets and more to dress up your bedroom with a coastal or nautical theme. Spring and Summer are especially nice seasons to add coastal decor to your bedroom, however you […]

Coastal Bedding and Decor

Halloween Decorations Disney Style My husband and I saw an inflatable Mickey and Minnie Mouse on a porch, and they were dressed for Halloween, so it gave me the idea that others would love these Halloween decorations, too! Find your favorite Disney characters decked out for Halloween. Some of these are for the interior of […]

Disney Halloween Decorations

Men’s and Women’s Military T-Shirts My husband served in the United States Army for 8 years. He says they were the best days of his life, and he wishes he would have retired from the service, rather than leaving after 8 years with an honorable discharge. The Army taught him discipline and camaraderie like he’s […]

Military T-Shirts

Americana Bliss! I love Americana decor! I love the vintage look it often offers, I love the colors of red, white and blue, and I love the patriotism for America that comes along with it. You can find this type of decor in a variety of things. From wreaths and wall decor, to tabletop decorations, […]

Blissful Americana Decor

Pinch Pleat Puckering Comforters I had to make a page featuring pinch pleat puckering comforters, because this is my most popular bedding that I sell from some of my other bedding pages! So why not devote an entire page to what people love the most? The pinch pleat puckering or pin-tucked, as I call it, […]

Pinch Pleat Puckering Comforter Sets

Party Supplies I love to see a party all decked out with fun party supplies! From balloons and posters, to table decorations and other goodies, a party only gets better with the proper party supplies. Party supplies not only include decorations, but you need to consider tableware, dinnerware, party favors (including gifts and prizes for […]

Party Supply Central

AVON Bath & Body Products Pamper You Completely! I use and sell AVON products because I love them! I use their shower gels, foot products, lotions, and more. From Skin So Soft to Moisture Therapy, and everything in between. Using these products will soften and moisturize your body and help it to smell and feel […]

AVON Bath and Body Products

Give Your Skin a Boost with AVON Skin Care Products! I’ve tried face creams, lotions, masks, scrubs and more, on my face in the past, only to find it still dry and splotchy. I used Anew creams in the past and loved them, but stopped using them when I stopped selling AVON. Several months ago […]

AVON Skin Care Products

Decorate Your Home with These Cute Turkey Decorations! I love fall and the decorations that correspond with it. Turkey decorations can be used for fall harvest decor, Thanksgiving decor, and even for Christmas or Halloween. I enjoy decorating my entire house for the holidays. From wall decor and tabletop decor, to window decals, and more! […]

Turkey Decorations

Shop for Christmas Trees Online Shopping online for your Christmas Tree is as easy as a few clicks! I’ve chosen a variety of styles and colors to feature on this page, offering you ample choices for the perfect Christmas tree. Some are pre-lit, while others are not. There are many styles and sizes available, too. […]

Artificial Christmas Trees for Sale

Antique and Vintage Inspired Clocks These clocks that are featured here have been inspired by antique and vintage clocks, and will add interest and design to any room in your home. Whether you are looking for a desk/table clock or wall clock, you have great options to choose from here. You’ll even find some antique […]

Antique Clocks

Fun Ant-Man Toys & Collectibles Ant-Man is the new superhero in town. He’s ready to fight for good. Ant-Man is the name of several fictional characters appearing in books published by Marvel Comics. Ant-Man was originally the superhero persona of Hank Pym, a brilliant scientist who invented a substance that allowed him to change his […]

Ant-Man Merchandise

Animal Print Bedding for the Entire Family This cool animal print bedding includes bedding sets, blankets, toss pillows and more. Some of the animal prints featured here are giraffe, leopard, cheetah, zebra, and so on. Take a walk on the wild side and add some animal print bedding and other bedroom accessories to your home […]

Animal Print Bedding

Fun Onesies for Adults and Teens Men, women and teens will get a kick out of these onesies! You’ll find superhero onesies, ugly Christmas sweater jumpsuits and other great designs here. Use these adult onesies and jumpsuits for Halloween costumes, pajamas, lounging around the house, and more. Give some to family and friends for birthdays […]

Adult Onesies for Men and Women

Pet Costumes are Fun Pet costumes are a fun way to get your dog or cat involved in Halloween. I don’t know how much fun they will think it is, but I believe some animals enjoy being dressed up, and if yours is one of them, you’ll love these cute dog and cat costume ideas […]

Adorable Pet Costumes

Women’s 70s Halloween Costumes Planning on going to your next costume event dressed as woman from the 70s? Then you’ll find everything you need right here. From costume pieces to full costumes and even 70s accessories, you’ll see very cool selections here man. Bell bottoms, peace signs and love were all prevalent in the 70s. […]

70s Costumes for Women

Yellow Bedding Sets that Will Bring Sunshine to Your Life Yellow is a nice, cheery color. For a bedroom, you might want to choose a subtle yellow that is relaxing and inviting. Yellow mixed with gray or white is a welcoming color combination that is lovely, yet not overwhelming. You can accessorize your bedroom with […]

6 Yellow Bedding Sets You’ll Love

You’re Going to Love These 5 Unique Kitchen Appliances! These 5 unique kitchen appliances might not be something the average person would even think about, but once you see them, you’re going to want them! It’s great that there are so many small kitchen appliances that help make our daily lives easier. Make breakfasts, lunches […]

5 Unique Kitchen Appliances Every Home Needs

Who are Bratz? Bratz is an American fashion doll line that offers a huge variety of dolls, accessories, and other Bratz merchandise. From MGA Entertainment, four original 10″ dolls were released in 2001. They were Jade, Cloe, Yasmin and Sasha. Since they were so popular, the line was increased to include various doll categories such […]

Bratz Dolls List

This Cat Bedding is Cool! Anybody who knows me, or who follows me on social media, knows I love cats. I adore cats, I am owned by several cats. Did I mention I love cats? This cat bedding is very cool, and cat lovers will enjoy a cat theme in their bedroom! You’ll find an […]

Cat Bedding for People

Kids Will Love These Halloween Pails! Halloween pails are a durable solution to trick-or-treating. Kids can gather their candy in their pail without worrying about smooshing it, and they can use the pail over and over to store toys, socks, and other treasures throughout the year. Make sure every child in your household has a […]

Halloween Pails

This Pokemon Bedding is Adorable! Kids of all ages and genders will fall in love with this Pokemon bedding. You’ll find cute Pokemon bedding sets here, along with sheet sets and other bedding, as well as Pokemon decor to go along with it. Pokemon, which is short for “pocket monster” was created in Japan by […]

Pokemon Bedding

Microfiber Bedding Is Easy to Care for, and Is Attractive, Too! Microfiber is a fine strand of yarn that is even finer than a strand of silk! No wonder it’s so soft and supple! This microfiber bedding will keep you warm, while adding attractive touches to any bedroom in your home. From bedding sets and […]

Microfiber Bedding

Bring the Tranquility of the Sea Into Your Home with This Seahorse Bedding! This seahorse bedding is unique, and offers a nautical touch to any bedroom in your home. The seahorse is a small marine fish with segmented bony armor, an upright posture, a curled prehensile tail, a tubular snout, and a head and neck […]

Seahorse Bedding

Cupcake Trinket Boxes Make Awesome Gifts for Family & Friends! I love trinket boxes! They are small, delightful treasures, and they are so much fun to collect and display, or to give as gifts for any occasion! Trinket boxes can hold buttons, coins, and other small trinkets…thus the name “Trinket Box.” The trinket boxes featured […]

Cupcake Trinket Boxes

You’ll Love This Starfish Bedding! From starfish bedding sets, to decorative pillows and other bedding, you’ll enjoy the nautical touch these designs bring to your bedroom decor. Bring a relaxing touch of the sea into your home with this lovely starfish bedding! Imagine tranquil waves, gentle breezes, and sunshine as you relax in glorious slumber. […]

Starfish Bedding

Cool Gothic Bedding Sets & Other Bedding While I personally am not into Gothic design, I know many people are, and it’s not just a clothing style any longer, it’s a design style that is available in home decor, art, etc. This Gothic bedding will bring a mystic touch to any bedroom in your home. […]

Gothic Bedding

Kids Love These Mermaid Tail Blankets! Not only do kids love these mermaid tail blankets, but teens and adults will enjoy them, as well. These cool blankets will keep your legs warm on cold days and night, and they make fun, unique gifts for any occasion. Place them over your legs, or slip your legs […]

Mermaid Tail Blankets