Who are Bratz? Bratz is an American fashion doll line that offers a huge variety of dolls, accessories, and other Bratz merchandise. From MGA Entertainment, four original 10″ dolls were released in 2001. They were Jade, Cloe, Yasmin and Sasha. Since they were so popular, the line was increased to include various doll categories such […]

Bratz Dolls List

Decorative Wall Hooks Dress Up Your Walls! These cool decorative hooks not only dress up your walls, but they are practical and helpful, too! Use them to hold jewelry, head bands, goggles, scarves, towels, hats, coats and more! Organize any room in your home with these decorative wall hooks. Hooks can be hung in a […]

Cool Decorative Hooks

I Love These Cool Bear Lamps! Bring a touch of nature and the wild into your home or office with these cool bear lamps! These bear lamps go well in any country setting. Use them at home or in a cabin for wildlife touches throughout. Black bears, moose, ducks, deer, and other majestic creatures are […]

Bear Lamps

Couple Pillows, Pillow Covers & Pillowcases Couple pillows, covers, and pillowcases are a fun way to dress up your bedroom or living room with whimsical touches. Toss some pillows on your bed, a sofa, a chair, a bench, etc. to add texture and design to any room in your home. Choose from a cool variety […]

Couple Pillows

This Cat Bedding is Cool! Anybody who knows me, or who follows me on social media, knows I love cats. I adore cats, I am owned by several cats. Did I mention I love cats? This cat bedding is very cool, and cat lovers will enjoy a cat theme in their bedroom! You’ll find an […]

Cat Bedding for People

Kids Will Love These Halloween Pails! Halloween pails are a durable solution to trick-or-treating. Kids can gather their candy in their pail without worrying about smooshing it, and they can use the pail over and over to store toys, socks, and other treasures throughout the year. Make sure every child in your household has a […]

Halloween Pails

This Pokemon Bedding is Adorable! Kids of all ages and genders will fall in love with this Pokemon bedding. You’ll find cute Pokemon bedding sets here, along with sheet sets and other bedding, as well as Pokemon decor to go along with it. Pokemon, which is short for “pocket monster” was created in Japan by […]

Pokemon Bedding

Microfiber Bedding Is Easy to Care for, and Is Attractive, Too! Microfiber is a fine strand of yarn that is even finer than a strand of silk! No wonder it’s so soft and supple! This microfiber bedding will keep you warm, while adding attractive touches to any bedroom in your home. From bedding sets and […]

Microfiber Bedding

Don’t You Just Love Farmhouse Decor?! I love farmhouse decor. My house isn’t decorated entirely with this style of decor, but I’ve incorporated some pretty cool, rustic pieces into most of the rooms in my home. For your farmhouse decor, you can choose from classic country, shabby chic designs, French country style decor, and more. […]

Farmhouse Decor Classics

Decorative Orbs Add Elegance to Your Decor! Decorative orbs are so easy to use, and can be used in a variety of ways, giving you a new look each time. Place a handful of orbs in a pretty bowl, or in a glass vase or hurricane lamp, and you’ll have a nice table centerpiece in […]

Decorative Orbs

You’ll Love These Cat T-Shirts! If you love cats, then these cat t-shirts are for you! There are many cute designs available here that any cat lover will enjoy. Whether you want to make a loving statement or a humorous one, there’s a cat t-shirt here for you. These t-shirts are available in sizes small […]

Cute Cat T-Shirts

You’ll Love the Quality & Design of This Donna Sharp Bedding! Donna Sharp is a Kentucky native and 5th generation quilter focusing on traditional favorites with innovative design styles. Quality handcrafting and attention to detail make Donna Sharp creations highly sought after. This Donna Sharp bedding will add elegant beauty to any bedroom in your […]

Donna Sharp Bedding

Bring the Tranquility of the Sea Into Your Home with This Seahorse Bedding! This seahorse bedding is unique, and offers a nautical touch to any bedroom in your home. The seahorse is a small marine fish with segmented bony armor, an upright posture, a curled prehensile tail, a tubular snout, and a head and neck […]

Seahorse Bedding

Cupcake Trinket Boxes Make Awesome Gifts for Family & Friends! I love trinket boxes! They are small, delightful treasures, and they are so much fun to collect and display, or to give as gifts for any occasion! Trinket boxes can hold buttons, coins, and other small trinkets…thus the name “Trinket Box.” The trinket boxes featured […]

Cupcake Trinket Boxes

Salt & Pepper Shaker Collectors Will Love These Cupcakes! Cupcake salt and pepper shakers are adorable! You can use them with any kitchen design, but they are especially nice with a cupcake themed kitchen or dinnerware. You’ll find a variety of cupcake salt and pepper shakers here that any collector will enjoy. Whether you love […]

Cupcake Salt and Pepper Shakers

Cupcake Stands Help You Display Your Cupcakes Proudly! Whether baking for your family, your co-workers, or for a party, display your cupcakes proudly on one of these cupcake stands. There are a variety of styles and sizes available, so you can bake a little or a lot of cupcakes for family, friends, and others. A […]

Cupcake Stands

You’ll Love This Starfish Bedding! From starfish bedding sets, to decorative pillows and other bedding, you’ll enjoy the nautical touch these designs bring to your bedroom decor. Bring a relaxing touch of the sea into your home with this lovely starfish bedding! Imagine tranquil waves, gentle breezes, and sunshine as you relax in glorious slumber. […]

Starfish Bedding

Cool Gothic Bedding Sets & Other Bedding While I personally am not into Gothic design, I know many people are, and it’s not just a clothing style any longer, it’s a design style that is available in home decor, art, etc. This Gothic bedding will bring a mystic touch to any bedroom in your home. […]

Gothic Bedding

Create a Cupcake Theme in Your Bedroom! For a fun and colorful bedroom theme, consider cupcake bedding, accent pillows and other cupcake decor. I will walk you through some options here for creating a fun and inviting theme in any bedroom in your home. Cupcake designs will never go out of style, and you can […]

Cupcake Bedding and Decor

Kids Love These Mermaid Tail Blankets! Not only do kids love these mermaid tail blankets, but teens and adults will enjoy them, as well. These cool blankets will keep your legs warm on cold days and night, and they make fun, unique gifts for any occasion. Place them over your legs, or slip your legs […]

Mermaid Tail Blankets

Create a Sea Theme with These Mermaid Christmas Ornaments! Nautical lovers, mermaid enthusiasts, and more, will all enjoy these unique and fun mermaid Christmas ornaments! These will add touches of color and design to your Christmas tree, and they make cool gifts for men, women, and even for children. There is a great variety of […]

Mermaid Christmas Ornaments

Coffee Christmas Tree Ornaments Are Fun for Everyone! These coffee ornaments make fun gifts for all the coffee lovers in your life! Create a coffee themed Christmas tree this year, or place a few of these Christmas ornaments on your tree along with your other favorites. From coffee drinks to coffee makers, you’ll find a […]

Coffee Christmas Ornaments

Cake Christmas Tree Ornaments From wedding cakes and more, you’ll find delicious looking cake ornaments here for your Christmas tree. Cake lovers will enjoy a few pieces of cake sprawled around their Christmas tree, or you might consider an entire baked goods theme! These cake Christmas tree ornaments will bring delightful fun to your tree […]

Cake Christmas Ornaments

Artificial Cookie Christmas Tree Ornaments! Many people put real cookies on their tree for Christmas, but that can attract bugs, and you end up having to throw them away. The cookie ornaments featured here will never spoil, and you can use them every year to add festive touches to your Christmas tree. From sugar cookies, […]

Cookie Christmas Ornaments

Cute Cupcake Christmas Tree Ornaments! Cupcakes add so much fun to your Christmas tree! These cute cupcake ornaments are bright, colorful, and they look so tasty good, too! You can choose from a variety of cupcake ornaments featured here. Some are sold individually, while others come in sets. A cupcake Christmas tree ornament makes a […]

Cupcake Christmas Ornaments

Candy Ornaments Brighten Up Your Christmas Tree! Whether you choose hard candy, chocolate bars, or other candy, these candy ornaments are sure to brighten up your Christmas tree year after year. Choose from a fun variety of candy Christmas ornaments featured here. You can also use these as gift basket additions, stocking fillers, and package […]

Candy Christmas Ornaments

Most Popular Wall Clocks These wall clocks are the most popular on Amazon. They have at least a 4 star rating with lots of positive reviews from customers. Wall clocks make lovely focal points for any room in your home. Place an oversized clock on a wall behind a sofa or under a staircase in […]

Top 10 Wall Clocks

Extend Your WiFi Range A WiFi range extender (or repeater as they are also called) will extend your WiFi coverage area. It receives your existing WiFi signal, and amplifies it, then transmits the boosted signal. The device is typically situated between your base router and a client that is not close enough receive acceptable service […]

WiFi Range Extenders

My Favorite Free Website Platforms While I’m not an expert on all of the free website platforms out there, I’ve tried a handful of them, and I can tell you some pros and cons of each, if you’re interested. My favorites by far are Weebly and Wix, though recently Weebly is putting a robot on […]

The Best Places to Build Free Websites

Custom Mugz Can Personalize It for You! Custom Mugz is a new business that I and a friend recently embarked upon. We customize mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, and more. We can put photos, poems, art, business cards, logos, and more on mugs for you or your business. We have basic designs for $8.00, and custom […]

Custom Mugs

Michigan Is Fun for the Entire Family Michigan has a lot to offer. We proudly boast of being surrounded by the Five Great Lakes, which include Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and Lake Superior. We have lots of wooded areas that are perfect for hiking and camping, and since Michigan experiences all […]

Top 5 Things to Do in Michigan

Vinegar Has Many Great Uses! There are many uses for vinegar. I use it for several different things. It is something that just about every household has on hand. You can purchase it in large bottles for very reasonable prices, too. It’s much cheaper than cleaning products and will not harm the environment, either, so […]

Uses for Vinegar
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