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Peeps Aren’t Just for Easter Anymore I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time stopping at six, let alone one of these sweetly addicting treats. Peeps have been produced by the Just Born company since 1953. Prior to that time, the Rodda Candy Company sold hand-made marshmallow chick confections beginning in the […]

Marshmallow Peeps Candy for Holidays and Special Occasions

Bandanas are More Than Just Colorful Pieces of Cloth If you’ve come to this page, you probably know how handy a bandana can be. You’ve probably either blown your nose into one — oh, so much softer and certainly longer-lasting than a flimsy piece of tissue — or taken a bandana bath at your campsite […]

A Bunch of Bandanas by Color & Design

Say “I Love You” with a Purple Heart My husband gave me these earrings and necklace (below) last Christmas. Coming from him, a Purple Heart veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, the gift meant a lot. Of course, hearts don’t have to be red to convey your love to someone. Here, I’ll show you some […]

Purple Heart Jewelry

Fashionable Styles that Complement a Woman’s Figure If you want to feel comfortable in a loose-fitting shirt but not look frumpy, you can be confident knowing you’ll look good in a tunic, which is generally a thigh-length piece that flatters every woman’s figure. I’m a big fan of this style, myself, and actually like what […]

Flattering Tunic Tops for Women

Colorful Nepali Deity Masks, Mask Prints, and Other Products I took the photo (below) of deity masks for sale in the Boudhanath section of Kathmandu during my three-month stay in Nepal. Part of that time, I explored the crazy capital city, while the rest of my trip was spent in comparatively calmer places like Pokhara, […]

Deity Masks from Nepal

Toss Some Cheerful Color Into Your Home Decor Whether you see it as yellowish-green, greenish-yellow, apple green, lime or some other variation on the theme, it’s a happy color to work into your surroundings. And decorative throw pillows are an easy and fun way to do that, whether you like a little chartreuse or a […]

Decorative Chartreuse Pillows

Show Your NFL Team Spirit and Keep Your Head Warm at the Same Time Whether you’re going to the game or watching it at home or down at the local sports bar, you can get into the mood with one of these fun NFL team mascot hats. And you’ll look good around town, too. These […]

NFL Football Team Mascot Winter Hats by Division

A friend of mine raved about this kale salad recipe, and I can now tell you firsthand that it’s delish! I’d never eaten kale before–I who used to grow most of her own food!–and I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty it is. Also known as borecole, kale is a Brassica, similar to cabbage, and […]

Kale Salad

Like Southwestern cooking? And how about Southwestern slow-cooker (or crockpot) cooking?  Me too. As I often say when I post a recipe, I’m not exactly queen of the kitchen. I’ve been known for some royal culinary screw-ups and once nearly poisoned my boyfriend (well, not intentionally of course) with some very undercooked chicken. But recently […]

Pork Tenderloin with Salsa and Lime
maple syrup cornbread

I’ve tried a number of different cornbread recipes, but they’ve always seemed to come out on the dry side and kind of … I don’t know … bitter is a word that comes to mind. At least a little, anyway. I mean, the end results were OKAY, especially if slathered with butter, but I wanted […]

Moist Maple Syrup Cornbread

Feel like going for a REALLY long walk? I do. And I have — a 2,169-mile hike on the Appalachian Trail. Thing is, I didn’t get it out of my system with that long-distance adventure. It only made me want to do more.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be another two thousand miles; a couple […]

The Best Long Backpacking Trails in the World
Gourd Craft

I used to grow lots of things — almost all of my own food — on a beautiful Pennsyvlania farm, where I was a property caretaker for six years. And in addition to all the edible goodies, I also grew gourds. It was so much fun to see the shapes and sizes that would emerge, […]

Get Crafty with Gourds
Funny fleece hat

You might say I’m a fleece aficionado.  That is, I’m usually wearing some piece of fleece on my head, body and/or feet, whether indoors or out, during the Fall and Winter and even on chilly Spring and Summer evenings and mornings. Need help finding some soft, warm fleece for yourself or as a gift for […]

Warm Up with Fleece From Head to Toe