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Celebrating St Patrick’s Day To celebrate St Patrick’s Day, one should know the history of this holiday. Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He was born along the west coast of Britain in the village of Bannavem of Taburnia. Raiders captured Patrick with thousands of people, sold as slaves. Around 460 A.D. on […]

Saint Patrick History, Invitations, and T-Shirts

iPhone Cases with Flowers and Chocolate Protect your iPhone with a sturdy and beautiful case. Decorate it with the love of flowers and chocolate. These romantic cases not only look good but protect your iPhone from scratches. Most women (and men too) love to get a box of chocolates in a heart-shaped box. But this […]

Romantic Flowers and Chocolate iPhone Cases

Celebrate with a 50th Birthday Party Celebrate 50 and fabulous with a birthday party. Turning 50 is a milestone. Both women and men can be Fabulous and 50. Perhaps he is Fabulous at 50. Either way, it is a time for celebration. When having a party, the host must send out those birthday invitations. Decide […]

50 & Fabulous Birthday Party Cards and Gifts with Polka Dots

Autumn & Thanksgiving Vintage Pilgrim Boy on Pumpkin Products When entertaining the family on Thanksgiving Day, it is nice to decorate in a matching theme for the dining room. Thanksgiving is a delightful time to get the family together and catch up with old times. Decorate the dining table with a matching theme for the […]

Kitchen & Dining Vintage Pilgrim Boy Autumn Products

Neon Retro Art on iPad Case Covers iPad case covers in glowing bright and colorful neon colors with the dark (usually black) backgrounds are so amazingly cool. I love bright neon colors that bounce right out of the darkness and onto the artwork that takes on a dimension all of their own with bright colors […]

Neon Art iPad Cases

Halloween Clocks Decor The Halloween holiday is not complete until your home or party place has decorations from floor to ceiling. A unique wall clock will add the right touch that is needed. These clocks are available in two round sizes and one square size and made of sturdy grade-A acrylic material. The vibrantly printed […]

Unique Halloween Wall Clocks that Zazzle

Traditional Decoration with a Tree Skirt The Christmas tree skirt is a traditional decoration for the holiday. It is the last part added when decorating the indoor tree. Primarily used to hide the stand, catch the pine needles as they fall from the tree. These tree skirts add that extra flare to decorating. It looks […]

Christmas Tree Skirts

Backyard Party We are having a backyard party. Before we get started we need to think about the invitation and party essentials. This special day can be a summer BBQ, a family gathering for celebrating Father’s Day or a summer holiday. A celebration for Independence Day (North American’s 4th of July)! Maybe it is a […]

Backyard Party Essentials with a Summer BBQ

Do You Know About the Easter Bunny? The history of the Easter bunny and the symbol that it represents originated back in pre-Christian fertility folklore, as being the most fertile of animals. The hare and rabbit served as symbols of new life. This originated with the pagan festival of Eostre (also known as Eastre). Anglo-Saxons […]

History of the Easter Bunny and Gifts

Sizzling Hot Bacon Fashion Clothing Bacon t-shirts, neckties and clothing with the bacon theme are sizzling hot to be worn. For the carnivore, these fashions are trendy, fun to wear and funny. Most of us love bacon (vegetarians and vegans excluded). Besides wearing it, we love to eat it. Your doctor may warn you on […]

Bacon Clothing that Sizzles