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Face Masks and Covid-19 Face masks were one of the items that disappeared in the early days of the pandemic. You couldn’t buy them any where, not in stores and not online. The American people, always innovative, began sewing masks at home. There were patterns all over the internet. Some people sold them and some […]

Face Masks and the Covid-19 Pandemic

Thanksgiving Outfits for Baby These baby Thanksgiving outfits are great if you’re having or attending a Thanksgiving dinner. They’re also good for wearing to church the week of Thanksgiving. Show off your adorable baby in a cute Thanksgiving outfit. The warm autumn colors of oranges and browns predominate with accents of green, beige, and white […]

Thanksgiving Outfits for Baby

Weatherproof Beach Art for Patio or Porch Outdoor art from Darby Creek Trading Company is extraordinary in that it can withstand outdoor conditions. It is UV protected and is designed to be displayed in environments where ordinary prints simply could not normally be displayed without damage from the elements. These outdoor art prints will not […]

Beach Themed Outdoor Art

Wreaths for Christmas It will soon be time to decorate your home for Christmas. One of the best items for decorating is Christmas wreaths for indoors or outdoors. A wreath placed on your front door is a most welcoming sight to your visitors. There are many different choices in wreaths including some that are not […]

Christmas Wreaths for Indoors and Outdoors

Wreaths for Thanksgiving and Autumn These wreaths from Darby Creek Trading Company are absolutely gorgeous! If you love the vibrant colors of autumn, you’re going to love these Thanksgiving wreaths. The warm tones of orange, gold, rust, amber, and brown are the order of the day. All of the fall wreaths are built on a […]

Thanksgiving Wreaths for Indoors and Out

Viking Costumes for Everyone If you should want to be a viking for Halloween, there are a lot of costumes and accessories to choose from and we have Viking costumes for everyone. Men’s vicious viking costumes and women’s vixen viking costumes are here as well as a viking costume for the hound. There are absolutely […]

Viking Costumes for Everyone

Stunning Black and White Pillows Black and white pillows allow for a wide range of expression and styles. They can be quite elegant, contemporary, humorous, or artful, for example. Black and white can go with any other color and can add stunning accents to the room. If your room is done in mostly solid colors, […]

Black and White Pillows

Navy and Nautical Pillows This is a great collection of pillows for navy wives or navy families. The sayings on them are inspirational, sentimental, and sometimes humorous. They make good gifts and can be personalized too. Pillows make a room feel more homey and inviting, creating a sense of comfort and coziness. Let the kids […]

Gifts for Navy Wives

Fractal Binders for Back To School Fractals are fascinating, gorgeous, and they look really great on fractal binders for back to school.  Some fractals are very elegant looking and some remind you of the psychedelic sixties.  We have a big variety of fractal school binders for keeping your stuff organized. Do you know what fractals […]

Fractal School Binders

Looney Tunes School Binders We have wonderful Looney Tunes School Binders featuring some of the major Looney Tunes characters for those headed back to school this fall.   Looney Tunes are animated cartoons by Warner Brothers.  Some of us remember growing up watching Looney Tunes cartoons on Saturday mornings. The cast of characters is big but […]

Looney Tunes School Binders

Unique Binders for School These are unique binders for school, aimed at the non conformist type person.  A non conformist wants to set himself apart from the crowd.  He (or she) doesn’t necessarily want to go with the flow and do what everyone else is doing.  A non conformist thinks for himself.  These unique school […]

Unique School Binders

Barbie Binders for Back to School Barbie always has the coolest stuff, right?  She always knows what the most up to date trends are.  This fall it is Barbie School Binders for taking back to school.  You can get your pink themed Barbie School Binders right here. Can you believe that Barbie recently celebrated her […]

Barbie School Binders

Cool Back to School Binders Go back to school in style with cool back to school binders from Zazzle.  You can find just about any theme of binder at Zazzle.  This collection doesn’t really have a theme except back to school but there are some really good ones here. Everyone usually needs new binders when […]

Back to School Binders
Polka Dot Binders

Cute Polka Dot School Binders Polka dots are always popular and stylish even on school binders!  There are some really cute binders available that use polka dots as a design element. Back to school time is nearing and you always need to get new supplies, right?  There are so many wonderfully designed custom polka dot […]

Polka Dot School Binders
Cupcakes in a Cone

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes These ice cream cone cupcakes are something a little different and very fun.  You can make any flavor of cake that you like and of course any flavor of frosting may be used.  Cupcakes in a cone are great for children’s parties because they are fun and they are very easy […]

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Cool Sports Binders for Back to School Binders are a great way to keep your papers organized.  Sports Binders are for coaches, team members, team moms, or anyone who needs help keeping things organized.  Binders help you keep your papers all together so you always know where they are.  No more frantic rushing around at […]

Sports Binders
Steampunk Bee Binder

Beautiful Steampunk Binders Steampunk art is very cool and it looks especially good on binders. You probably need a new binder for school anyway, so why not get something really nice looking like these Steampunk school binders?  These custom binders have photo quality printing and come in different sizes. If you are already a Steampunk […]

Steampunk School Binders
4th of July

How about some fun facts about the 4th of July? The US Census Bureau has compiled some interesting facts about the 4th of July in the United States. 4th of July US Population Did you know that on the 4th of July in 1776, the estimated number of people living in our newly independent nation […]

4th of July Fun Facts

The 4th of July is just around the corner and people will be having BBQs, picnics, potlucks, and family reunions to celebrate our country’s independence. People love to kick off the summer with a 4th of July party. Red, white, and blue American flag-themed patriotic decorations will put your guests in a festive mood. We […]

Decorating for the 4th of July
Pot Roast Recipe

Pot Roast with Planned Leftovers Pot roast is one of those comfort foods that my family loves.  I searched a long time for this pot roast recipe and I have perfected it over the years, adding this and changing that until it’s just how we like it. This pot roast will serve 4 to 5 […]

Pot Roast Recipe
chocolate wafer dessert

Chocolate Wafer Dessert This is a yummy dessert that was very popular in the 1960s.  My mom, sister and I would often make this chocolate wafer dessert when we were having company over for a meal.  Besides being delicious, this dessert requires no baking so it won’t heat up your kitchen.  It’s perfect if you […]

Chocolate Wafer Dessert

Button Themed Mousepads Everyone needs a mouse pad.  If you know someone who loves buttons, then these button themed mouse pads are perfect for gifts.  There are many different colors and themes and lots of different novelty buttons. Button themed mousepads are great gifts for the button collector, seamstress or costumer.  If you love buttons […]

Button Themed Mousepads
Cupcake T Shirt

Cupcake T Shirts Cupcakes are delicious and cute so it’s no wonder that everyone loves them.  Cupcake bakeries have sprung up everywhere to cater to our appetite for this sweet concoction.  However, there is no need to worry about calories here because cupcake t shirts have no calories!  Go right ahead and indulge your love […]

Cupcake T Shirts

Beautiful Steampunk Custom Speakers Steampunk art is whimsical, quirky, and it looks great on custom speakers.  Steampunk custom speakers are great gifts for fans of the genre.  I’m sure a steampunk custom speaker would fit nicely into a Christmas stocking or it would make a nice treat for yourself. The Doodle Speaker is small, light, […]

Steampunk Custom Speakers

Steampunk Posters If you like whimsy, fantasy and sci fi all mixed together with romance and the British Victorian era, you might like steampunk. Steampunk posters capture the beautiful art style of the steampunk genre. Steampunk is usually set in an era that was powered by steam such as British Victoria, however sometimes it is […]

Steampunk Posters

Batman T Shirts Batman has been around for a long time, having made his first appearance in 1939 in Detective Comics.  Even though Batman has existed since 1939 there is no consistent history about him.  Robin showed up about a year later after his parents died.  He became Batman’s sidekick.  About a year after that […]

Batman T Shirts

All Your Base T Shirt All Your Base T Shirts “All your base are belong to us” is a saying out of an early video game called Zero Wing which was released in 1989.  It was a Sega Genesis game made in Japan which suffered from a very poor translation to English, as you can […]

All Your Base T Shirts

Are you a cat person? If you love cats you might be looking for some cat t shirts.  Cats are the most interesting little creatures and certainly have their own distinct personalities.  They are not usually as high maintenance as dogs but they do take some care.  Cats are great little companions. My cat is […]

Cat T Shirts
Back to School T Shirt

Back to School T Shirt Back to School T Shirts Maybe you are excited about going back to school or maybe not so much, but either way, we have you covered with  back to school t shirts. Seems like summer just got here but back to school time is sneaking up on us. Wouldn’t it […]

Back to School T Shirts

Barbie Tee Shirts Believe it or not it’s almost time to start thinking about back to school clothes. For girls that might mean some cute Barbie tee shirts. Zazzle has teamed up with Barbie and is offering some great Barbie Tee Shirts which will be perfect for back to school. There are lots of girly […]

Barbie Tee Shirts

The Kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Dugard In June of 1991, eleven year old Jaycee Lee Dugard was walking to her bus stop to catch the bus for school. She never made it to school that day because a sex offender and his wife pulled over, tazed Jaycee, and pulled her into their car. That was […]

The Abduction of Jaycee Lee Dugard
Greek Meatball Recipe

My husband was adopted into a Greek family and grew up loving Greek food.  His Aunt Sarah used to cook wonderful dishes for him such as stuffed grape leaves, Greek cookies, pastitso, and keftedes (Greek Meatballs).  Fortunately, I was able to get some of her recipes and now I make them for our family.  These […]

Greek Meatballs Recipe (Keftedes)

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