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I’m a Devoted Fan of Elsie Lee Elsie Lee is an author that I keep on my bookshelf to read over and over. I never seem to tire of her intelligent, witty heroines. I discovered Elsie Lee back in the 1960s and 1970s, when romantic suspense novels were big sellers with Mary Stewart publishing titles […]

Elsie Lee – Romantic Suspense and Historical Fiction Author

Library Products Find New Life in the Home I’m thrilled to see that anyone can get these fabulous rolling step stools now. It used to be that Kik Steps were only available through library supply catalogs. I’ve got to have one and not just for old-time’s-sake. I worked for thirty years in libraries, starting out […]

The Rolling Step Stool and Other Great Librarian Tools

Collect These Beautiful Life of Faith Dolls I missed seeing The Life of Faith dolls when they first came out. Now they no longer make them and they are highly collectible. These fabulous dolls are about the size of the American Girl dolls but they have a religious theme. These make a perfect gift for […]

Life of Faith Dolls

Children Learn about Nature with Model Insect Kits It’s great when kids can have fun while learning! In fact, don’t you think that’s when they learn the best?! Most children have a fascination for insects, but unfortunately these days they don’t have that many chances to encounter them “in the wild.” These model insect kits […]

Model Insect Kits – Great Gifts for Kids

Elk Antler Chandeliers – Real Or Faux? Elk antler chandeliers are the perfect accent for log cabins, hunting and ski lodges. Are you having trouble deciding between faux antler chandeliers or a real antler chandelier? We will look at both kinds, so you can make the right decision for your needs. Combine the majesty and […]

Elk Antler Chandeliers