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Auto World Slot Cars produces excellent slot car kits as well as slot cars. Showcased here are many popular favorites to share. Included is information on how to build a slot car track setup as well.

What is a slot car? It is an electrically driven miniature race car that travels in a slot in a track. These cars provide hours of enjoyment on the track and off. You’ll love talking about them with other slot car collectors and exchanging details about your cars. Race them for a night of fun for the entire family or display them in a glass-front cabinet or other prominent space in your home or office.

The Auto World Store sells an awesome collection of slot cars and slot car kits that allow you to build your own, so whether you want some ready to race and/or display, or whether you want to build your own, you’ll find lots of great options here!

These slot cars are great conversation starters and if you build or buy some race tracks, they offer fun entertainment on the weekends for you, your family and your friends.

Collect them all or purchase your favorites for a fun and exciting collection you will enjoy and be proud to pass on to the next generation.

Spencer Massey Fram NHRA Top Fuel Dragster Slot Car

#SC245/48-36 Auto World Spencer Massey Fram NHRA Top Fuel Dragster HO Scale Slot CarView Now

This electric race car offers fun racing excitement at high speeds while looking cool as it turns around the track!

The orange color is bold and bright and the design of this slot car is very cool.

Collectors and slot car enthusiasts are going to want this on in their collection!


The Auto World Story

Oscar Koveleski founded Auto World in the basement of his home, in Scranton, PA in 1958. It started out as a small mail order catalog and grew by leaps and bounds into a worldwide trading and buying catalog of model cars, die cast cars and so much more!

From plastic car model kits, to large or small-scale slot racing cars to gas-powered cars, hobby tools, scratch-building supplies, paint and spray guns and just about anything else you need for your car collecting hobby. Young modelers everywhere waiting anxiously for this annual product catalog!

In 1994, Thomas E. Lowe, an entrepreneur, who loved cars of all sized, founded Playing Mantis and sold the business in 2004. He did eventually buy the rights to the name Auto World, knowing it was well known and popular among modelers of all ages.

The Auto World Store offers you hundreds of varieties of slot cars, die cast cars, models and so much more!

Autoworld Slot Cars

 Auto World Smokey and TheView Now Auto World General Lee theView Now Auto World The Batmobile from 1966View Now Auto World Back to TheView Now Auto World Chevy Bel Air Chrome Xtraction Ultra G HO Slot CarView Now Auto World Chevy Nomad Chrome Xtraction Ultra G HO Slot CarView Now Firebird Trans Am Red Xtraction Ultra G HO Slot CarView Now egs Jeg Coughlin NHRA Pro Stock Yellow 4 Gear HO Slot CarView Now

What Does Auto World Offer?

  • Die Cast Vehicles
  • Slot Cars
  • Model Kits
  • Race Sets
  • Racing Accessories
  • Limited Edition Exclusives

Slot Car Track Building

Slot Car Track Building

This instructional video will show you step-by-step on how to build an elevated slot car track so you and your friends and family can have a blast racing your car collection around the track.

Make a night of it by popping popcorn, serving beverages and possibly even taking bets. Slot car racing will be all the rage at your house from now on…

Auto World: Batman: Pursuit of The Penguin Slot Car Set

Round 2 Auto World: Batman: Pursuit of The Penguin Slot Car SetView Now

This set includes the Bat Mobile and VW Bus Slot Cars, 18′ of track with multiple layouts and a Gotham City backdrop and looped track.

This track is easy to set up and race and it makes an awesome gift for any occasion.

Slot car racers and Batman enthusiasts alike will enjoy this Auto World Pursuit of the Penguin Slot Car Set.


Ghostbusters Haunted Highway Slot Car Set

Round 2 Auto World Ghostbusters Haunted Highway Slot Car SetView Now

This Slot Car set is based on the movie Ghostbusters and includes a 14′ scale track, Ecto-1 and NYPD police slot cars, 2
sections of ectoplasm track, breakthrough ghost gates and a
cardboard backdrop of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the movie.


Dukes of Hazard Curvehuggers Slot Car Set

Round 2 Auto World: Dukes of Hazard Curvehuggers Slot Car SetView Now

You’ll get two cars with this set: the General Lee and Roscoe’s Police car.

Plus there is 14′ of track included and more.

You’ll enjoy this slot car race set based on the TV program The Dukes of Hazard.


Tom Daniel Match Racing Dragstrip HO Slot Car Set

Auto World (Round 2) Tom Daniel Match Racing Dragstrip HO Scale Slot Car SetView Now

Fans of Tom Daniel will enjoy this slot car racing set that includes the S’Cool Bus, VW Brat Boy with Tom Daniel graphics, in-track light sensors, scale speeds over 300 MPH, finish gate with win indicator, a working Christmas tree (lights) and so much more.

You’ll need 6 AA batteries to run this track and slot cars.


Auto World Slot Car Sets

 Auto World 16′ Smokey and The Bandit SlotView Now Round 2 Auto World: Dukes of Hazard CurvehuggersView Now Auto World 16′ Indycar Slot Car Race SetView Now Auto World K.I.T.T vs K.A.R.R. World 16′ KnightView Now #SC263/48-3 Auto World NHRA Top Fuel Dragster OptimaView Now Auto World Legends of the Quarter Mile Dragstrip,View Now Auto World Legends 1964 Dodge 330 Super StockView Now AW Slot Car,Silver Screen Machines 4Gear R8View Now

Setting Up a Slot Track

Watch the video to learn how to set up your own awesome slot track to race your cars on!

You’ll enjoy building your own and feel a sense of pride when you are done. I bet you can’t wait to show it off to friends and family, either!

Awesome Slot Car Track Setup!

Intsall a Slot Car Race Track

Learn how to install a slot car race track by watching the informative video below.

Installation of Slot Car Race Track Setup

Autoworld Slot Car Accessories

 6 Slot Car Race Track Dura-Loc Bridges TrestleView Now AW Thunderjet 500 Pit KitView Now NYA 4-Gear Slot Car Pit KitView Now

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