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Automatic Pot Stirrer

Automatic Pot Stirrer

An automatic pot stirrer is a handy little gadget that you will wonder how you lived without it. It automatically stirs what ever is in your pot while freeing you and your hands up to take care of the many other tasks that need to be done to complete your dinner.

No more burnt sauces, gravies and stews with the consistent stirring motion and no more cleaning those burnt pots!

Hands Free Pot Stirrer

These hands free automatic pot stirrer allows you to still make your favorite foods while freeing you up to continue cooking without the worry of burning that special sauce you are making. It eliminate the time consuming task of watching and stirring sauces or foods that require continuous stirring such as an Alfredo sauce.

They are battery operated so there is no cord to get in the way and the rotating blades have multiple setting so that you can adjust accordingly to your recipe. The adjustable top makes it easy to fit a variety of different size pots.

Have you ever?

Have you ever been stirring your sauce and…

The phone rings

The baby is crying

You’ve had to hold your crying baby

The children need a snack, need help with homework

Been running behind chopping those vegetables

You can still take care of your families needs or finish up your meal and still have a 5 star dinner with an automatic pot stirrer giving you that extra time you need.

Stirio 2 Automatic Pot Stirrer

 The Stirio Automatic Rechargable Pot Stirrer by Unikia

Stirio 2 is perfect for automatic stirring of gravies, sauces, pie fillings, soups, risotto and more. Stirio 2, hands-free Stirrer adjusts to fit almost any 1 – 4 ½ quart saucepan from (6″ to 8½” Dia.), is a terrific cooking utensil to help the home cook multi-task in the kitchen. And, when not in use, Stirio 2 folds conveniently to store in any utensil drawer, a plus for kitchens with a shortage of storage space.


Hands Free Automatic Pot Stirrer

 Robo Stir Automatic Pot Stirrer Telebrands Robo Stir Automatic Pot Stirer Stirio 2 Hands Free Automatic Pot Stirrer

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  1. Wow, I had no idea that such a thing as an automatic pot stirrer even existed. Great idea!

  2. Awesome! Now all those people who don’t want to cook risotto have no excuse.

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