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Brown Earth Tone Autumn Wedding Invitations

Perfect for Fall, Brown Wedding Invitations Can Be Earthy or Formal

The look of wedding invitations has changed quite a bit over the years. Today, not everything is white and lacy or features a floral or wedding related design on the front. Some of today’s modern wedding invitations actually feature earth tone colors such as brown.

A brown earth tone autumn wedding invitation would be the perfect choice for couples who are planning a fall wedding, perhaps in a rustic outdoor setting. Since brown is a color associated with autumn, this fits right in with the season in which the wedding is being held. For more details about any of the invitations on this page, click through the link.

Brown Signifies Back to Nature

Brown is a real ‘back to nature’ kind of color, and signifies support, stability, and structure, which are all good foundations on which to start and build a marriage. The color brown is found all around us in nature, and is thought of as implying that something is solid and reliable, certainly something we all would like our future mate and marriage to be.

It is also a good color choice for wedding invitations if the couple doesn’t want to make the invitations look too feminine. The groom may feel much more at ease with choosing an earth colored wedding invitation, than in choosing something pink, purple, or flowery. Most men would definitely prefer brown over other colors for invitations, so this may be a good area for compromise and allowing the groom to have a little input in the wedding planning too.

For a couple who loves the outdoors and for whom nature is a big part of their lives, brown invitations provide a practical alternative to very pastel, frilly styles of invitations. Brown or earth tone invitations also set a kind of simple, natural tone for the occasion. The earthy shades convey a mood of getting back to the basics, of keeping things real and natural, as love should be.

Wooden Wonder: Truffle style

Wooden Wonder Wedding Invitations Truffle

Wedding invitations in color choices that no one would have considered many years ago are now quite popular and readily available. Several styles of brown wedding invitations are available online at Wedding Paper Divas, a subsidiary of Shutterfly. One such style is the Wooden Wonder: Truffle style invitation which is perfect for an autumn wedding and the fall season in general.

The front depicts a woodsy looking earth tone color, with a drawing of a single autumn leaf. This is a flat card style that does not open like a traditional greeting card style. There are also matching items available in this style, including response cards, enclosure cards, thank you cards, and ‘save the date’ cards.

Leaves of Love: Coffee Wedding Invitation

Leaves of Love Wedding Invitations Sienna Brown

Another brown earth tone wedding invitation that features an autumn theme is the Leaves of Love : Coffee style. This front of this invitation is done in a rich, dark brown coffee shade with leaves bordering the edges. The back features the leaf print throughout.

This product also offers coordinating extras such as “save the date” cards, response cards, enclosure cards, and thank you cards. This invitation is also available in a lighter Sienna Brown shade in addition to the coffee color.

Lacy Leaves Autumn Invitation Brown Umber

Lacy Leaves Wedding Invitations Umber

The Lacy Leaves pattern comes in several colors, one being an umber brown shade. This invitation is also a flat card style which features white paper with umber colored leaves bordering along the top. This invitation just shouts autumn with its falling leaves gracing the front.

This design comes with several matching items not offered with many other invitation patterns. In addition to the response cards, reception cards, enclosure cards, thank you cards, and “save the date” cards offered with many styles, you can also purchase matching place cards, menu cards, and programs separately.

Sunlit Leaves: Sienna Brown Invitation

Sunlit Leaves Wedding Invitations Sienna Brown

The Sunlit Leaves: Sienna Brown style wedding invitation is about as autumn as it gets. This invitation will really set the tone for a beautiful fall wedding, perhaps one held outdoors in the crisp autumn air. The front of the invitation depicts four fallen leaves that look as if the sun is shimmering off of them. The back side of this flat card style invitation features several fallen leaves.

This invitation will leave a lasting impression because whenever people look back at the invitation years later, they will recall the autumn leaves and remember attending your wedding. Available matching items for this style include enclosure cards, response cards, and thank you cards.

Autumn Afternoon: Sienna Brown Wedding Invite

Autumn Afternoon Wedding Invitations Sienna Brown

The Autumn Afternoon: Sienna Brown earth tone wedding invitation is also a lovely reflection of the fall season. A flat card style done in simple white, this invitation depicts a tree with some leaves blowing in the wind, as well as a few fallen leaves gathered around its base.

One glance at this invitation instantly shouts “autumn wedding date”. Enclosure cards, response cards, reception cards, thank you cards, “save the date” cards, place cards, and gift tags are all available separately in a matching print.

Glowing Trees: Walnut Brown

Glowing Trees Wedding Invitations Walnut

Another beautiful autumn wedding invitation is the Glowing Trees: Walnut style. This flat card style invitation features trees decked out in autumn colors of red and gold tones, but yet still has somewhat of a brownish hue to it.

This invitation represents the beauty of autumn in all its glory, and makes a lovely invitation to send out to beloved family and friends to inform them of your upcoming fall wedding. Response cards, enclosure cards, and thank you cards in matching theme may be ordered separately.

Simple Elegance

Brown earth tone wedding invitations are simple, yet elegant in their own way. They remind us of the beauty of nature, especially during the fall season. This color of invitation may be especially appealing to those who really feel passionate about nature and the environment. Or, perhaps autumn is the favorite season of the bride, groom, or both. Not everyone desires to have a hot, summer wedding in June.

Some couples would prefer to choose a beautiful autumn day with the colorful leaves falling and the crisp, clean feeling in the air. What a beautiful way to start out their new life together. Choosing an invitation that represents this glorious time of year, and this special day, can make it just that much more special.

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