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Avery’s Crossroad

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Avery’s Crossroad, Book 2 is a three part story taking place during the civil war and written by Deanna K. Klingel.

Part 1 Was 1863, Not How it Should Be but How it Was. It was about Avery Bennett’s time in Medical school and just after graduation. Avery graduated at the top of his class but wasn’t sure he wanted to be a Dr. After graduation when he was trying to make up his mind what course of action to go he was reminded that he was still a soldier in the war. He goes to check on an elderly lady named Rose that lived in the woods alone. When he got there she was sick and he realized she was dying so he stayed with her and buried her under the pear tree at her request.

Avery's Crossroad

Avery’s Crossroad

Avery returned to Alexandria where he worked taking care of wounded soldiers. Avery had a dog named Gunner that wandered the hospital helping people. One day a soldier named Carl Burns was brought in injured and Claire, a nurse friend of Avery’s, discovered Carl was a girl. Several of the staff talked to her but she refused to give any information until Claire tells her she knows she is a girl and if she does not give her the information she will tell the others.

Part 2 is 1864 Rainbows and Cannon Fire; The war continued. Avery discovers he is falling in love with Claire. One of the soldiers, Anthony, who had lost both legs gets to go home to NY and take his nurse Dorothy who he married.

Part 3; is 1865 Going Home: The War is Over Claire and Avery marry and return to W VA. He opens a practice there.

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