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Baby Dolls For Sale

Baby Dolls For Sale

It really doesn’t matter what age girls are. They all like to play with baby dolls of some sort or another.

This page features the best baby dolls for sale and they’re for all ages! I have daughters and we probably have seven different baby dolls at home! Guess what? They see new ones at the store and want those too!

To make it as easy as possible for you I’ve broken these down by age group.

Just go to the age group you are shopping for and take a look at the top six in that category.

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Best Baby Dolls For Girls Birth to 24 Months

These are the best baby dolls for girls birth to 24 months old. These are highly rated and very safe for girls this age.

They are made of different materials but they’re all super cute and your girls can snuggle with these no problem.

To learn more about each one just click on one of the images. My kids had and might still have the baby alive doll. It’s probably in one of their closets.

 Gund My First Dolly-Brunette Corolle Babicorolle Babipouce Pink Striped Hasbro Alive Luv N Snuggle African American Alive My First – Sips and Cuddles Hispanic Adora Playtime 13-Inch Boy Light Brown Melissa & Doug Jenna – 12″

Best Baby Dolls For Girls 2 To 4 Years

I’m very familiar with this age range of girls so you know I have experience with toys meant for them.

This section is all about the best baby dolls for girls 2 to 4 years old.

Dolls for this age group are a little more advanced than the last age group. These have more accessories that go with them and they have a few more features too whether it’s being able to drink from their bottle to the babies wetting their diaper.

You can never go wrong with a Melissa & Doug doll so be sure to pay close attention to that one.

 Melissa & Doug Annie – 12″ Drink and Wet Little Mommy Wipey Dipey Little Mommy Talk with Me Repeating Disney Princess – Snow White Corolle Mon Premier Tidoo Raspberry Bathtime Little Mommy Doctor Mommy

Funny little girl puts her baby doll to bed

Way Too Cute!

Best Baby Dolls For Girls 5 To 7 Years

The best baby dolls for girls 5 to 7 years old get even cooler and more involved. Many of them require batteries because they talk or make sounds.

Some of these come with multiple outfits so your girls can dress them up however they want to.

Do you know any girls who have one of these dolls? Which one?

My daughters would probably go for the Adora dolls since they are the most life-like.

 Alive Crib Life Themed Collection – Luau Adora, 20 inch “Little Sweetheart” Light Blonde Hair/Blue Eyes Barbie Photo Fashion Alive Beautiful Now – Blonde Adora 20″ Violet and Velvet (Dark Brown Hair/Brown Eyes) Little Mommy My Very Real

Best Baby Dolls For Girls 14 Years And Up

I don’t have daughters this age yet but the dolls in this age group are very advanced and super fun.

This one pictures is one of the best baby dolls for girls 14 years and up.

It comes with a ton of accessories including it’s own binky!

 Realistic Life like, Tall Dreams Ensemble, 19 inch With Weighted Body

Best Baby Dolls For Girls 8 To 13 Years

I really like this group of best baby dolls for girls 8 to 13 years old because they are more interactive than some of the others.

I’m a huge fan of the Melissa & Doug doll family. They are very high quality and includes a mommy and a daddy and I just love that.

Most of these dolls have a ton of customer reviews so click on one of these images and then read all the reviews for in-depth information.

 Melissa & Doug Victorian Family You & Me African American Darla Interactive Walking Barbie & New Sister krissy You & Me Mommy Change my Diaper – Boy Cabbage Patch Kids – Cute and Cuddly Boy Pretty Princess Barbie

Baby Maya talking to doll

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