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Stretching Exercises Leg Muscles And Avoiding Muscle Spasms

Stretching exercises are one of the best things you can do to relieve muscle spasms in leg muscles.

Some people are woken up from their sleep with muscle spasms and others have painful leg muscles all the time. All of our muscles affect the others when they are holding muscle tension, so I will help you get the right stretching exercises in order to avoid muscle spasms in the future.

Here are some “Don’ts” for when you first get up out of bed:

  • don’t twist and roll off the bed–sit up, turn your body around and put both feet on the floor
  • don’t reach down to the floor for slippers or socks–have them where you can slip your feet in,
  • (or for socks, where you can reach them at waist level and then bring each foot up to you to put them on)
  • don’t make the bed right away–get up and walk around for a few minutes
  • don’t stretch muscle spasms right away–especially for low back, or lumbar pain, the muscles are not ready

Here are some “Do’s” to prevent back pain:

  • use a lumbar cushion at work, in the car, and when relaxing at home
  • some prefer a buckwheat hull cushion on their couch, as it will not sag
  • use a foot stool under your desk, at home, for example at the kitchen counter–to relax your leg muscles

Muscle spasms in the upper body can contribute to pain in the leg muscles:

The myofascia is the “wrapping” that connects all your muscle groups from head to toe. Although it is a covering, it is resilient tissue that can get stiff from impacts, inflammation,and poor nutrition. When it has stiffened up, or formed scar tissue from small tears, stretching exercises don’t feel very good, and don’t get you the same results you can get if you release tension in the myofascia first. “Effective Stretching The Ultimate Guide” explains this, and how to get relief.

Learning simple massage techniques done with a small sports ball, and using the floor and the wall, gets you prepared to stretch your muscles. Using these massage techniques on your neck and hamstrings (back of thigh muscles) releases a lot of the tension that travels down, or up, to the low back, and into your leg muscles.

Try this DVD about  stretching exercises  which explains the wonderful feel-good stretching exercises for leg muscles and for every muscle group. (Included is a few exercises for the hands, wrists and fingers, to release that keyboarding tension).

Stretching Exercises You Can Learn At Home

Stretching exercises, leg muscles and muscle spasms.


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