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Bacon Clothing that Sizzles

Sizzling Hot Bacon Fashion Clothing

Bacon t-shirts, neckties and clothing with the bacon theme are sizzling hot to be worn. For the carnivore, these fashions are trendy, fun to wear and funny. Most of us love bacon (vegetarians and vegans excluded). Besides wearing it, we love to eat it. Your doctor may warn you on how unhealthy it is, but it taste so good. The bacon weaves and food people were designed from actual products that were made in my kitchen. Digitally added were the arms, legs and faces. After all the fun with making this amazing food, having fun with the photo shots of the models who did not complain, cooking and serving up this cholesterol clogging food was extremely enjoyable.

Save your health and calories by wearing bacon clothing and not eating it!

Fry Up Some Bacon Gifts

Bacon Shirts, Hats and Ties

Fry up some bacon at Timsmansmall Gifts on Zazzle

Bacon Lover’s Clothing

Funny Bacon Hats

Unique one of a kind designs from cheddar cheese cubes, raw and cooked bacon added to Zazzle trucker hats. Couples who know they go good together. As in the bacon and cheddar couple on the trucker hat. Then there is the bachelor who loves his women. This funny character is sandwiched in with two beautiful cartoon bikini ladies.

 Better with Bacon & Cheddar Couple Trucker Hat Sizzling Hot Bacon Couple Trucker Hat Bacon Sandwich Trucker Hat Bacon Brain Trucker Hat Raw Bacon Weaving 101 Trucker Hat Everything Taste Better With Bacon Hat

Bacon Neckties

Crazy Fun Neckwear

Why settle with the plain drab tie?

Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with neckties. The common tie designs are with stripes and plaids. The plainer necktie has one color. However, the guy that wants to ‘hang loose’ (pun intended) and have a conversation piece, a bacon necktie will do the trick.

 Sizzling Hot Bacon Couple Tie I Like it Raw…Bacon! Tie I Eat Bacon Text with Background Tie

Bacon T-Shirts that Sizzle

One of a Kind Bacon and Cheese on Shirts

As a creative graphic artist, I often picture it in my head prior to creating the design. These bacon products are within my partner’s store Timsmansmall Gifts on Zazzle and my store Sandyspider Gifts on Zazzle. My designs, but in his store we collaborated on ideas.

The Bacon and Cheddar Couple look amazing on this dark colored shirt (shown below). It was a Christmas present. The quality of the shirt is amazing and the print is fantastic!

 Bacon and Cheddar Couple Shirts Bacon Couple T-Shirt I Eat Bacon with Bacon Background T-Shirt I love Bacon Tshirts Bacon Brain Shirt

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Amazing Bacon Gifts

© 2016 Sandy Mertens (Sandyspider)

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  1. Gypzeerose

    I love bacon, and even vegans would love this sizzling bacon clothing!

  2. MareeT

    Great gifts for bacon lovers. Love the neckties!

  3. This is my first article on WebNuggetz. Hope you enjoy it.

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