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What Makes a Habit a BAD one?

What Is Meant by a Bad Habit?

Every New Year millions of people make resolutions to get rid of their ‘bad habits’ and to start new ones.

Most fail miserably to change their behaviour.

Here is a chance to learn about habits and what makes one bad or good for your wellbeing and lifestyle goals.

For the most part, a bad habit is something that you do repetitively, that you can stop doing when you really and truly decide to, and that society has deemed to be bad.

Often it breaks laws, customs or some moral code for the society.

Most people think that bad habits are something to be avoided because they can often affect your health and wellness.

There are different categories of bad habits.

Let’s look at the most common ones.

Bad habits are simply habits that are not good for you or anyone else around you – whether human, animal, or the environment.

* Time-Wasting Habits –
Not putting things where they go, not creating a home for everything you own, and not keeping your stuff organized can make you waste time.

Wasting time can end up affecting your down time because you still have to make time for work.

* Unhealthy Habits –
If you have some unhealthy habits like eating unhealthy snacks every night, watching lots of TV instead of doing physical things, and avoiding going to the doctor on a regular basis, you can truly affect your health negatively.

* Lost Productivity Habits –
If you don’t have a morning routine and you don’t have some sort of schedule for being productive, you will lose opportunities.

These types of bad habits are really lack of good habits.

* Habits That Harm Your Financial Health –
If you’ve developed habits like gambling, these can ruin your financial health today and in the future.

Overspending is often started by a bad habit of not minding your finances.

* Habits That Impede Your Social Life –
For some people, their bad habits can hurt their social life.

If you have a bad habit of being late, not caring about others much, or doing behaviors that repel others, you may end up with no social life.

* Habits That Harm Others –
Some people develop habits that don’t just harm themselves but others too.

For example, if you have a smoking habit and you smoke around other people (especially kids), this is a very harmful habit.

* Habits That Ruin Relationships –
Some people allow their habits to even ruin their relationships.

Habits like being sloppy, unclean, and not thinking of others can ruin many relationships, especially if you’re late a lot or gossip too much.

* Gross Habits –
Smoking and nail biting come to mind when it comes to gross habits that people do. So does nose picking, picking your toes with your fingers, and other rude behavior that you should not do in public (and some not even in private).

If you do have these habits, you can stop them with a plan.

Eight Bad Habits That Are Actually Good for You!

Believe it or not, some bad habits are really good for you.

Sadly, our parents usually try to punish us out of or control us out of doing these things.

Of course, everything in moderation, right?

Let’s look at eight “bad” habits that are actually good for you that you can stop trying to end now.

1. Fidgeting

If you tend to wiggle a lot, your mom probably tried to stop it.

Your partner might try too.

However, fidgeting is really good for you because it burns more calories and keeps your blood moving.

This is especially true if you have a job that requires a lot of sitting.

Sitting is possibly worse for you than smoking, so anything that can undo that damage is a good thing.

2. Gum Chewing

Sugarless gum is really good for you.

If you have the right dental work or your own teeth, chewing gum burns calories, helps you eat less, freshens your breath and also cuts down on cavities.

You get to burn calories instead of eating too many calories!

3. Video Games

While there may be some games that aren’t worth the added benefit, playing video games helps with

– developing fine motor skills

– keeps the mind nimble, and

– by some reports can help give relief for chronic pain conditions by taking your mind off the problem.

Besides that, they can be fun and creatively stimulating when you need it.

4. Daydreaming

Finding a way to allow your mind to get bored enough to be able to daydream is very good for your mind as well as for your goals in life.
You cannot create amazing goals for your life if you can’t daydream.

5. Swearing

Everyone has a swear jar growing up, either for parents or the kids.

Swearing is considered inappropriate, but studies show that people who swear appropriately tend to have less stress in their lives.

Remember that swearing is completely different from a slur.

A slur is something you say about a person, whilst a swearword is just a curse word – otherwise known as an expletive.

And believe it or not, swearing when you are experiencing acute pain will actually relieve the pain!

6. Messiness

If you are a naturally messy person, take heart; you’re likely also a very creative person.

Messiness is sometimes a sign of creativity.

If you want to be more creative, don’t purposely become messy but realize that sometimes being messy is required to be creative.

7. Sleeping in Late

They say that “the early bird gets the worm,” but do they?

Sleeping well and enough each night is important to your health and brain function.

If you stayed up late and need to sleep in and it won’t cause you to get fired or miss something important – go for it.

8. Passing Gas

Everyone farts and burps every single day.

Passing gas is good for you because it’s a normal activity that is getting rid of built-up gas from your digestive tract to prevent bloating and pain.

Just be polite and do it in private and be discreet about it!

Of course, you don’t want to do some of these things when other people are around, but it’s okay to accept some of these things as part of who you are and part of living life.

As long as you can choose the habits you create, you can build a life exactly as you want it to be.

Learn more about bad habits and how to change for the better

Before you can stop a bad habit, you have to first figure out why you’re doing it.

Are you bored, frustrated, anxious, sad or depressed?

Are your bad habits triggered by certain events in your lifestyle?

For example, do you overeat when you sit down to watch television or bite your nails when you’re nervous or anxious?

Only after you’ve identified why your bad habits are taking over your life (or at least making you miserable and keeping you from enjoying as much of life as you could) can you wage an effective war with them.

To realize the pinnacle of self-development for this year and beyond, you’ll need to begin working on the bad habits you identify as being negative forces in your life and start to change them.

Begin by writing those habits down on paper. Then, you’ll be able to develop the strategies that will help rid them from your life.

The strategies will vary from habit to habit. You may need help from a doctor or counselor to quit a cigarette habit, drinking or gambling.

And when you discover that certain triggers are actually causing the bad habit, you may be able to quit it cold turkey by avoiding the triggers.

Remember that old habits die hard, and you may have to endure a few setbacks before you’re successful.

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  1. How do you feel about most of your habits?

    Are you happy with the behaviour you have developed?

    Do you feel that you have habits that are bad that you want to change?

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