Beautiful Ballerina Costumes for Girls

The Best Ballerina Costumes for Little Girls

Being a ballerina is one of the favorite dreams of little girls. What little girl wouldn’t love to wear a beautiful, fluffy tutu and a tiara? Now that is the stuff of dreams! Some girls are fortunate enough to take ballet lessons and they get to wear wonderful ballerina costumes in their recitals. Whether they take ballet lessons or not, little girls love to dress up and pretend to be ballerinas. Ballerina costumes are fun for the dress up box or for Halloween. Every little girl needs at least one tutu. Kids ballerina costumes are a total delight. Grab your camera!

Nutcracker Ballerina Kids CostumeJustice League Child’s Supergirl Tutu Dress

Your girl doesn’t have to take dance lessons in order to wear a ballerina costumes. She can be a ballerina for Halloween or she can play ballerina with one of these lovely ballerina costumes for girls. Get her a ballerina costume for Halloween and I can almost guarantee that she’ll get a lot of mileage out of that costume by playing ballerina dress up long after Halloween is over. Better yet, give it to her at the beginning of the summer and she’ll have a summer of imaginative play, pretending to be a ballerina, princess or a fairy.

Ballerina Costumes for Toddlers

Beautiful Ballerina Costumes

Ballerina costumes for toddlers and girls delight the children. She will definitely feel like a princess in these wonderful ballerina costumes! Grandparents, keep this in mind for your adorable granddaughters. Kids ballerina costumes are great gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

Deluxe Toddler Tiny Dancer Costume, ToddlerToddler Pink Rose Ballerina Dress Up CostumeMelissa & Doug Ballerina Role PlayPurple Fairy Princess Tutu Set

More Ballerina Costumes for Little Girls – Abundant Choices

Dress Up Tutus for Girls

Here are some other options for ballerina costumes. If you want to get a little more creative, you can just get the tutu and then accessorize with tights, leggings, t-shirt, leotard, or tiara, in whatever theme you choose. You can get several different colors of tutus at good prices too. Kids ballerina costumes are wonderful for dress up play.

If you want the whole package, why not try a pink rose dance ballerina costume or a leopard themed ballerina costume. So many possibilities! Of course your little ballerina will look adorable in all of them.

Little Girls' Short Sleeve Tiered Tutu BalletLittle Girls’ Short Sleeve Tiered Tutu BalletMulti color tutuMulti color tutuDancina Girls' Tutu Classic BalletDancina Girls’ Tutu Classic BalletLayered Rainbow Ribbon TutuLayered Rainbow Ribbon Tutu

Your Daughter Will Love A Ballerina Costume

If your daughter loves to dance, then a Ballerina costume would be a perfect choice for her this year!

Ballet Slippers and Flats for Your Ballerina

To Complement a Ballerina Costume

A ballerina costume wouldn’t be complete without the right shoes. Here are a few choices that will make her ballerina costume sparkle! These pretty ballet slippers and flats will go with most any tutu, and complement most any ballerina costume.

May your little girl have hours and hours of fun with her ballerina costume.

Capezio Ballet ShoeGirl’s Silk Dance ShoeGirls Plush Ballet SlippersGirl’s Bunnyhop Slipper

Don’t Forget the Tights

Tutus and Tights

She can wear a pair of tights under her ballerina costume for warmth and style. These can also be worn for any occasion besides Halloween. It’s always nice to have a selection of various colored tights in your daughter’s wardrobe. You never know when they will come in handy!

Country Kids Girls' Pima Cotton TightsCountry Kids Girls’ Pima Cotton TightsJefferies Socks Little Girls'  Microfiber  TightsJefferies Socks Little Girls’ Microfiber Tights6-Pair-Pack Girls Winter Tights6-Pair-Pack Girls Winter TightsSocks Little Girls'  Smooth Skin TightsSocks Little Girls’ Smooth Skin Tights

Thanks for Shopping!

Your daughter will love her new ballerina costume. Imagine how much fun Halloween will be this year. Young girls love to dress up as a ballerina for Halloween. She will be so happy!

Tutus are Fun Year Round – Even Grownups Love Tutus – Great for Photo ops!

Your little girl will be thrilled if you dress up in a tutu too! — Have someone take photos of the two of you! Have fun!

Teen & Adult Red Dance or Ballet TutuAdult Tutu Assorted Colors (Hot Pink)

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  1. Beautiful Ballerina Costumes. I think all little girls want to do ballet some time or another.

  2. Gypzeerose

    Being a ballerina is right up there with being a princess for little girls – adorable costumes.

  3. Wow…really love the Supergirl ballerina costume.

  4. These are sweet and pretty ballerina costumes. It is nice to see the accessories located within the post.

  5. Very cute, this would make all little girls feel like a true princess.

  6. These little ballerina costumes are so cute! Makes me wish I had grand daughters. hehehehe

  7. Susie Lehto

    These are adorable costumes. One of my granddaughters is taking ballet classes, so Cute! :)

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