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Ballet, Ballet Dancers And Famous Dancers

I’m truly a technical writer when it comes to ballet. I have been on a team that trained world class ballet dancers, even some famous dancers. Now I appreciate the situation of the recreational dancer, one who may never be a prima ballerina. But who shouldn’t love dance?For example, can ballet pictures of one of the most famous dancers, Suzanne Farrell¬† help you with your dance?

Ballet – ballet dancers – prima ballerina – these are memes, ballet pictures, that take over our consciousness if we love ballet.

Do you love ballet?

In the US, Suzanne Farrell is an archetype in the ballet world, as is American Ballet Theater. In Britain, Dame Margot Fonteyn reigns still as an archetype of strength, grace and beauty.

If you, the recreational ballet dancer, or a person in adult ballet, are nurtured by ballet pictures, using images to support your unconscious mind, and your hopes and dreams in classical ballet training, all the power to you.

I was crazy about ballet pictures when I was young. I didn’t know what I was looking at, but I saw pictures of The Royal Ballet famous dancers…and then I learned there was a classical dance company coming to the city where I lived! They may not have been truly famous dancers, but they were the best I would be seeing.

Unknown to me at the time, my mind was playing what is now called Brain Games. I was looking at pictures of famous dancers and imagining I could do what they were doing! I was using ballet pictures to help me imagine being a prima ballerina!

Know what? This is exactly what I should have been doing!

So if you are among the recreational ballet dancers and need some encouragement, please view my page of ballet pictures where you’ll find inspiration in ballet movies.

If you need inspiration every day starting when you wake up, believe me, I don’t judge. Get a load of these Ballet Pictures for your favorite coffee mug!

Ballet Pictures

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