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Ballet Dancers – Ballet Terms – Is There A Dance Academy For Me

Ballet dancers. On television every week now. Breaking Pointe, Bunheads…talking ballet terms and hanging out in the local dance academy? Well all I can say is – finally! No more freak subculture, but people watching ballet dancers. listening and deciphering ballet terms and maybe looking up their local dance academy to see if there are classes for….

Is There A Dance Academy For Me?

Are you over 30 or even over 40? An older teen who loves to watch the prima ballerina in her strength and beauty? And you’d love to take classes in a dance academy and get a feel for how ballet dancers feel when you accomplish some of those ballet steps? Why not?

Ballet has come out of its exclusivity, out of its “small market” upper crust niche. Thanks to television and movies. While it’s been a lot misrepresented, I personally don’t mind if real life ballet dancers can benefit from a surge in ticket sales.

And if a dance academy gets your patronage.

Ballet has its own language – yet

ballet terms are easy to learn.

Ballet terms differ a little from the R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dancing),  Cecchetti, or Vaganova styles of training. But in the dance academy you choose, the ballet terms will be consistent.

By the time most professional ballet dancers get trained, they are familiar with all the ballet terms. But you don’t have to be, in your own dance academy.  Your familiarity in your classes and your own personal enjoyment of studying ballet is what is important.

You can’t learn ballet at home, but you can learn a lot about ballet technique that is common to all ballet dancers. Every dance studio will offer one of the classical ballet training styles. And you can learn much about the ballet barre training and ballet class exercises at home. You can catch up quickly with what ballet dancers know, even if the physical strength takes longer to acquire.

Learn ballet terms for ballet dancers

Learn ballet terms for ballet dancers

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