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Balls for Horses

Toy Balls That Horses Love

Horses love playing with balls, just as much as dogs and cats and foxes and bears do! These balls featured here are made especially for horse play. Some are big and soft, while others are just the right size to hold in a horses mouth by the handle. Some bounce, all roll, and all are fun for the playful horses in your life.

The video below is what inspired me to do a page on balls for horses. The horses in the video are having so much fun frolicking with their balls, and it gave me great joy to watch them.

I believe every pet should be well taken care of, and even spoiled. Give them lots of love, attention and toys, along with adequate food and fresh water, of course. Whether that pet be a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a gerbil or a horse!

Give your horses some of these fun balls, and just watch what they will do with them! You’ll have almost as much fun watching them, as they will have playing with the balls!

Toy Balls for Horses

Horse Toys

Horsemen’s Pride 10Horsemen’s Pride 10Jolly Pets 8-Inch Romp-n-Roll, BlueJolly Ball BlueberryJolly Pet 14-Inch Push-n-Play, PurpleJolly Pets Red Tug N Toss Jolly Ball 10 InHorsemens Pride Horsemen’s Pride Jolly Mega Ball, Green, 40 in.Horsemen’s Pride Mega Ball for Horses, 25-InchHorsemen’s Pride Mega Soccer Ball Blue Cover, 40-InchHorsemen’s Pride Mega Soccer Ball Pink Cover, 30-Inch

Horses Playing with a Ball

Photo from Wikimedia

More Toys and Treats for Horses

Here are some more toys that horses will enjoy, as well as treats they will love! Treat your horses with love and abundance, and they will thank you for it!

Horsemen’s Pride Stall Snack Holder with Apple-Scented Jolly Ball for HorsesHorsemens Pride Horsemen’s Pride Amazing Graze Treat Toy, GreenHORSEMEN S PRIDE INC SS201APPLE JOLLY STALL SNACK APPLEHorsemen’s Pride Treat refill for Stall Snack holder AppleHorsemen’s Pride Treat refill for Stall Snack holder MolassesHorsemen’s Pride Treat refill for Stall Snack holder MintHorsemen’s Pride Horse Pas-a-FierHorsemen’s Pride JT14 R Tug, 14-Inch, BlueHORSEMEN S PRIDE INC JL100 JOLLY JUMBO LICK RED

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