Bamboo Salad Bowls

I am a huge fan of anything bamboo because I love the natural look and feel, and I am delighted at the wide variety of kitchen and dining items that are available in this material. This page is specifically about bowls.

Bamboo bowls are both decorative and eco-friendly accessories for the kitchen, and they come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors to fit every decor. I think that these provide both an elegant and a natural look for your home and dining area.

One common use for bamboo bowls is to use a larger one for the salad and provide smaller bowls in coordinating colors and styles for individual servings of salad. These bowls also make great containers for displaying fruit such as oranges, apples or pears for snack time munching by hungry family members.

Salad Bowls

Lipper International Bamboo 3-Piece Salad Set

You can buy a large salad bowl for making the salad to later distribute to the small bowls or plates. These are some decorative choices for that purpose. Some of these are sets with the serving utensils included, and some are bowls only.

The ones listed here are different in shape and color tone so that you can choose the one that is the most appealing to you. These are the non-colored bowl options. Look further down this page for some colored options.


Lipper International Bamboo Salad Bowl with Salad ServersTotally Bamboo Metro Bowl, 14-InchTotally Bamboo Square Inlay Salad Bowl, 12-Inch

Individual Sized Salad Serving Bowls

The are individual serving bowls for salad, but can be used for other foods as well. You can have a large bamboo bowl in coordinating colors for the salad and then dish it out into the individual bowls for eating or just make individual small salads.

All Natural 100% Bamboo Salad Bowls – Set of 4 By Trademark InnovationsLipper International Small Bamboo Bowls, Set of 4Bamboo Kitchen 7

Salad Bowl Set

A Good Choice If You Prefer Bowls That Match Completely

Totally Bamboo 7-Piece Classic Bamboo Salad Bowl Set

This bamboo salad set contains a large bowl and six smaller serving-size bowls in a coordinated design.

Buying a set ensures that all pieces coordinate and look lovely on your table.


Large Salad Bowls with a Splash of Color

Core Bamboo Modern Round Bowl, Lime, Extra Large

The natural look of bamboo itself is quite attractive, but bamboo bowls also come in a variety of colors and shapes to fit almost every décor.

Many of the bowls have bright colors such as green, blue, red or yellow on the outside with the natural look of bamboo on the inside. Many of these are round bowls, but they can come in other shapes as well, which adds additional decorative interest to the table.


Core Bamboo Bucket Bowl, Pumpkin, Large3 Piece 16Core Bamboo Bucket Bowl, Lilac, LargeCore Bamboo Flower Bowl in TealCore Bamboo Modern Round Bowl Extra Large in CherryCore Bamboo Modern Round Bowl, Pumpkin, Extra LargeCore Bamboo Modern Round Bowl, Squash, Extra LargeCore Bamboo Astor Bowl, Slate, LargeSimply Bamboo 16Core Bamboo Modern Round Bowl, Chocolate, Extra LargeCore Bamboo Matte-Finish Square Bamboo Bowl, Strawberry, LargeCore Bamboo Matte-Finish Square Bamboo Bowl, Onyx, LargeCore Bamboo Matte-Finish Square Bamboo Bowl, Lime, LargeCore Bamboo Square Bowl, Snow, LargeCore Bamboo Matte Finish Large Square Bamboo Bowl, AquaCore Bamboo Matte Finish Large Square Bamboo Bowl, Magenta

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