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A Bunch of Bandanas by Color & Design

Bandanas are More Than Just Colorful Pieces of Cloth

If you’ve come to this page, you probably know how handy a bandana can be. You’ve probably either blown your nose into one — oh, so much softer and certainly longer-lasting than a flimsy piece of tissue — or taken a bandana bath at your campsite after a day of hiking. Or maybe you’ve grabbed a bandana to lift a hot pan off the stove in a hurry or used one as a coffee filter in the backcountry. Or cleaned your sunglasses or your windshield or … well, I could get carried away with the many uses of the versatile bandana.

As an avid outdoorsperson, I never hit the trail without at least one bandana and usually more than that. But you don’t have to be a hiker or anywhere near the backcountry to make good use of a simple, colorful square of cloth.

Here, you’ll find all sorts of colorful bandanas, grouped by print types and color as well as some random cool patterns I found.

Like this funky bandana pictured here? Check it out: 60s Paisley Tie Dye Bandana

I’ve picked out a bunch of my favorite bandanas on Amazon and grouped them for you for easy perusal.

Click on the images below for pricing and ordering information, and to get a closer look at the prints.

More Tie Dye Bandanas

Cool and colorful retro cloths

Sunshine Joy Tie Dye Hippie BandanaSunshine Joy Tie Dye Hippie BandanaCHECK PRICE

Sunshine Joy Tie Dye Hippie BandanaSunshine Joy Tie Dye Hippie BandanaCHECK PRICE

Sunshine Joy Tie Dye Hippie BandanaSunshine Joy Tie Dye Hippie BandanaCHECK PRICE

Funky Tie-Dyed Bandana PartyFunky Tie-Dyed Bandana PartyCHECK PRICE

Hippie Tye Dye BandannaHippie Tye Dye BandannaCHECK PRICE

Tie Dye BandannasTie Dye BandannasCHECK PRICE

Read the History of Bandanas

They’ve been around for more than two centuries.

History of the Bandana

Paisley Bandanas

Paisley is the classic bandana type of print, but there are many variations. Here’s a sampling….

Click on a paisley bandana thumbnail for price and ordering, along with other color choices….

ZANheadgear Paisley Premium BandannaZANheadgear Paisley Premium BandannaCHECK PRICE

Military Army Trainmen Paisley Bandanas Military Army Trainmen Paisley Bandanas CHECK PRICE

Navy Blue Trainmen Paisley Jumbo Bandana Navy Blue Trainmen Paisley Jumbo Bandana CHECK PRICE

Carolina Have, A, Hank Paisley BandannasCarolina Have, A, Hank Paisley BandannasCHECK PRICE

Military Army Trainmen Paisley Bandanas Military Army Trainmen Paisley Bandanas CHECK PRICE

Carolina Hav, A, Hank Paisley BandannaCarolina Hav, A, Hank Paisley BandannaCHECK PRICE

Pick Up a Package of Paisely Bandanas in 12 Different Colors

Bandanas can be used as party favors, inexpensive goodies to give at random to your friends, to bundle up candy for the kids … all sorts of creative uses for these squares of cotton fabric. Use your imagination.

Maybe you’ll have your red booger-wiper bandana, while the green is for bandana baths and the blue paisley for a head cover or a headband for sweat control or sun protection. There’s no rule against color-coding your bandanas or you can even use one for everything. Nice, huh!

12 Color Pack Bandana - Assorted Colors12 Color Pack Bandana – Assorted ColorsCHECK PRICE

One N or Two?

Is it bandana or bandanna?

Merriam-Webster says either is fine … although they do seem to prefer the double-N with “bandana” as an acceptable variation.

I like the single N myself.

Camouflage Print Bandanas

Not that any of these will blend right in…

Rothco Tiger Stripe Camo BandanaRothco Tiger Stripe Camo BandanaCHECK PRICE

Subdued Pink Camouflage BandanaSubdued Pink Camouflage BandanaCHECK PRICE

Rothco Tiger Stripe Camo BandanaRothco Tiger Stripe Camo BandanaCHECK PRICE

Red Camouflage BandanaRed Camouflage BandanaCHECK PRICE

Urban Grey Camouflage BandanaUrban Grey Camouflage BandanaCHECK PRICE

Liberty Mountain Camo BandanaLiberty Mountain Camo BandanaCHECK PRICE

A Bunch of Uses for Bandanas

Her Bandana — Forty Travel Uses

by JourneyWoman

Other Cool Bandanas I Came Across

Carry a multiuse square of cloth that really stands out….

Breast Cancer BandannaBreast Cancer BandannaCHECK PRICE

Freedom Rainbow BandannaFreedom Rainbow BandannaCHECK PRICE

Red Flower Hawaiian BandanasRed Flower Hawaiian BandanasCHECK PRICE

Sunshine Joy India Star BandanaSunshine Joy India Star BandanaCHECK PRICE

NEW Printed Image Nature BandanasNEW Printed Image Nature BandanasCHECK PRICE

Liberty Mountain Modern Aztec BandanaLiberty Mountain Modern Aztec BandanaCHECK PRICE

Aztec Turquoise Cotton BandanasAztec Turquoise Cotton BandanasCHECK PRICE

Japanese Rising Sun BandanaJapanese Rising Sun BandanaCHECK PRICE

Sunshine Joy Geometric Circles BandanaSunshine Joy Geometric Circles BandanaCHECK PRICE

Bandanas by Color

A Roundup of Red Bandanas

Here’s an assortment of red bandanas for you to look at, in all sorts of pattens and prints and even one that’s plain.

I’m partial to red bandanas myself. I always have at least one in my backpack, for sweat control or blowing my nose or any number of other uses on the trail, in camp, or wherever else I happen to be. Specifically, it’s paisley red bandanas that I prefer.

First, A Related Short Story

There are many 9/11 stories from World Trade Center survivors, including those who talk about a man in a red bandana who helped them escape with their lives.

Read the story and watch the video: 9/11′s Man in the Red Bandana Gave His Life for Others in the WTC South Tower

Dancing Bear Mandala BandanaDancing Bear Mandala BandanaCHECK PRICE

Oversize Big Solid Red BandanaOversize Big Solid Red BandanaCHECK PRICE

Red Paisley BandanaRed Paisley BandanaCHECK PRICE

Sunshine Joy Good Ol' Grateful Dead BandanaSunshine Joy Good Ol’ Grateful Dead BandanaCHECK PRICE

Rothco Tiger Stripe Camo BandanaRothco Tiger Stripe Camo BandanaCHECK PRICE

Sunshine Joy Bright Paisley Trippy Hippie Bandana RedSunshine Joy Bright Paisley Trippy Hippie Bandana RedCHECK PRICE

This is a Red Bandana Shaped Like a Tube
For multiple uses and configurations

You can wear this as a headband, a balaclava, a skull cap, neckerchief, a hair band, and more. See the examples below….

Ergodyne 6485 CORE Performance Work Wear Multi-Band, Red WesternErgodyne 6485 CORE Performance Work Wear Multi-Band, Red WesternCHECK PRICE

Here are various ways you can wear and use this bandana…

A Bunch of Yellow Bandanas

That’s Yellow BanDANas, Not Bananas

As an avid hiker, I’ve always got one of these in my pocket, at least one in my backpack, and sometimes another on my head or hanging from my wrist, tucked in my watch band for easy access if it’s really hot, humid and sweaty.

Bandanas may look like “just squares of fabric” to some folks, but to me their very handy, multi-use pieces of gear.

You can wipe a runny nose, mop the sweat off your brow, take a bandana bath at the end of the hiking day. You can use one of these handy colorful cloths to pre-filter water with lots of sediment. You can use it in a pinch for a pot-holder. It can keep the sun off your head or cool your neck, and the cowboys use it to keep the dust out of their noses and mouths and from going down their shirts.

And those are just a handful of the many things you can do with “just a square of fabric.”

Trainmen Paisley Bandanas Trainmen Paisley Bandanas CHECK PRICE

Blazin Bandana From QuylteBlazin Bandana From QuylteCHECK PRICE

Hank Paisley BandannasHank Paisley BandannasCHECK PRICE

Yellow Paisley Cotton BandannaYellow Paisley Cotton BandannaCHECK PRICE

Floral Quilt BandanaFloral Quilt BandanaCHECK PRICE

Yellow Tie Dye BandanaYellow Tie Dye BandanaCHECK PRICE

A Cooling Yellow Bandana

You can wear this 1-3/4″ wide by 38″ long coolie tie around your head or neck. Just soak it in cool water for a few minutes and put it on. It won’t bunch up and doesn’t use any kind of cooling beads to do its thing. This band is made of a unique fabric, great for running, hiking, biking or playing sports in the heat.

THERMO-COOL QWIK COOLER TIE - Yellow Bandana Print - 4 Piece PackTHERMO-COOL QWIK COOLER TIE – Yellow Bandana Print – 4 Piece PackCHECK PRICE

Did You Know There’s a Cowboy Song Called “The Yellow Bandana”?

Sung by Faron Young

This is the story of the yellow bandana,
A handsome young soldier and the girl named Rosana….

Read the rest of the lyrics here.

A Gathering of Green Bandanas

You can use a bandana (of any color) to mop the sweat from your brow and wash off the dirt from a day on the trail.

That same bandana can also be used for signaling, as a tourniquet, a neck gaitor for cold weather, or a pot holder in a pinch.

You can drench a bandana in cold water and wrap it around your head or neck for the cooling effect or to block the sun.

Bandanas can be handy for collecting wild edibles, as first aid slings or as cordage by making strips.

Use a bandana to pad a hotspot, as a towel or waist pack, a dish rag, a napkin or a pre-filter when treating water in the backcountry.

Bandanas can clean eyeglasses, show team colors, dry dishes, and even double as ear muffs and eye patches.

And the list goes on.

If you can do it with a large square of cloth, might as well make it a colorful one and do it with a bandana. In this case, a green bandana or mostly green (or even sorta green) bandana, like these….

Tie Dye Bandana Blue/GreenTie Dye Bandana Blue/GreenCHECK PRICE

Kelly Green Paisley Bandana Kelly Green Paisley Bandana CHECK PRICE

Paisley Cotton BandanasPaisley Cotton BandanasCHECK PRICE

14 Inch Square Solid Bandana14 Inch Square Solid BandanaCHECK PRICE

Dancing Bear Mandala BandanaDancing Bear Mandala BandanaCHECK PRICE

Neon Green Paisley BandanaNeon Green Paisley BandanaCHECK PRICE

A Bounty of Blue Bandanas

Bandana Scarf PremiumBandana Scarf PremiumCHECK PRICE

Skull & Roses BandanaSkull & Roses BandanaCHECK PRICE

Tie Dye BandannasTie Dye BandannasCHECK PRICE

Royal Blue BandanaRoyal Blue BandanaCHECK PRICE

Paisley Jumbo BandanaPaisley Jumbo BandanaCHECK PRICE

Plain Royal Blue BandannaPlain Royal Blue BandannaCHECK PRICE

Check out these….

Thirty Uses for Bandanas

A Plethora of Purple Bandanas

While red is the most common color in my own bandana collection, I do have a special purple bandana that I’ve carried with me for more than ten years, ever since my Appalachian Trail thru-hike. And it doesn’t seem to have lost any of its color, even after so many washings. It’s just a really soft purple bandana.

Bandana Scarf PremiumBandana Scarf PremiumCHECK PRICE

Paisley BandannasPaisley BandannasCHECK PRICE

Solid Purple BandanaSolid Purple BandanaCHECK PRICE

Bandana - SolidBandana – SolidCHECK PRICE

Dark Purple BandanaDark Purple BandanaCHECK PRICE

Om Sun BandanaOm Sun BandanaCHECK PRICE

Antique Style Purple Paisley BandanaAntique Style Purple Paisley BandanaCHECK PRICE

Tie Dye Hippie BandanaTie Dye Hippie BandanaCHECK PRICE

Purple Flower Hawaiian BandanaPurple Flower Hawaiian BandanaCHECK PRICE

A Bonanza of Black Bandanas

Bandage a wound, sling in an injured arm, or bind a splint. Wipe off the sweat and wash off the dirt. Cover up to keep off the sun or make an ice pack, an eye patch, a pot holder or dish towel. You can do all of this and more with a bandana. And a black one at that.

Oversize Solid Black BandanaOversize Solid Black BandanaCHECK PRICE

ZANheadgear Paisley BandanaZANheadgear Paisley BandanaCHECK PRICE

Black Trainmen Jumbo BandanaBlack Trainmen Jumbo BandanaCHECK PRICE

Blazin Bandana from QUYLTEBlazin Bandana from QUYLTECHECK PRICE

Celtic Cross and Gothic Skulls Biker Bandana Celtic Cross and Gothic Skulls Biker Bandana CHECK PRICE

Black Bandana Head Wrap PaisleyBlack Bandana Head Wrap PaisleyCHECK PRICE

Skull Row BandannaSkull Row BandannaCHECK PRICE

Yin Yang Web Bandana BlackYin Yang Web Bandana BlackCHECK PRICE

Skull And Crossbone BandanaSkull And Crossbone BandanaCHECK PRICE

How To Make Cool Stuff Out of Bandanas

How to Make a Bandana Quilt
The colorful, pieced-together look of many bandanas sewn into a quilted pattern is always a treat to see.

How to Make a Skirt out of Bandanas
Because bandanas are already hemmed, the only sewing involved in making a skirt out of them is the side seams. In less than an hour, you can have a new skirt to wear out of colorful bandanas.

How to Make a Bandana Bracelet
When your bandanas start to wear thin, you can still use for them by repurposing. Using the fabric from your bandanas, you can create a colorful, casual bracelet and give your bandanas new life.

How to Make Tie Caps from Bandanas
Whether you want to make a fashion statement or just want to protect your head from the sun, you can easily master the method of putting on a tied bandana cap (also known as a skull cap) with a little practice.

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