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Barbie Christmas Ornaments

Beautiful Barbie Christmas Ornaments

At Christmas time we love decorating our trees with a theme. I have always thought it would be fun to decorate an entire tree with Barbie Christmas Ornaments. You can find just about any kind of Barbie Christmas Ornament, and there is a new one every year that you can add to your Christmas Ornament collection. Which would be great because every year I purchase at least one new ornament. Barbie Christmas ornaments would make great stocking stuffers or to give as a gift. Another great idea is to use Barbie Christmas Ornaments to decorate the present you are giving. My mom always adds a little special something when she wraps a present, and when you see it sitting under the tree it just makes it that much more exciting to open. I think I may talk my daughter into decorating a whole tree with Barbie Christmas Ornaments this year. Although I don’t think it will take that much persuasion, since she loves Barbie and Christmas Ornaments as much as I do.

Holiday Barbie Ornaments

Holiday Barbie Caucasian 2nd in Series 2014 Carlton Heirloom Ornament

Barbie loves to celebrate the holidays. She shows just how much every year with a new elegant look. Barbie always has the most beautiful dresses you can imagine. Just think how beautiful she will be able to help make your tree this holiday season. Maybe you no longer collect Barbies, but who says you can’t still enjoy the beauty and memories of your childhood with her. You can collect your favorites from when you were younger or add a few new ones to make a wonderful Christmas collection. Let’s display these elegant Barbies this Christmas Season!


2007 Hallmark Ornament Celebration Barbie2008 Hallmark Ornament Barbie in A Christmas CarolCelebration Barbie In Series 2010 Hallmark Ornament2011 Hallmark Celebration Barbie OrnamentHallmark Celebration Holiday Barbie Ornament Christmas 2012Carlton Heirloom Ornament 2013 Sophisticated Lady Barbie

Barbie Fashion Accessories Ornaments

Barbie Fashion Boot 2014 Carlton Heirloom Ornament

Barbie wouldn’t just be barbie if she didn’t have the most wonderful accessories to help complete her many various looks. So, the same would go for your Christmas tree. You can’t have a Barbie themed Christmas tree without accessorizing the Barbie way. I always loved all of the different accessories Barbie has. It still amazes me at how much detail they have and how realistic they can look. How much fun would it be to dress up your Barbie tree with all of her fun accessories she is known for?


Hallmark 2011 Spotlight on Shoes – Barbie OrnamentHallmark 2007 Little Black Dress BarbieHallmark Keepsake 2012 Quick Curl Barbie Beauty CenterThe Shoe Chandelier 2012 Hallmark OrnamentDusk To Dawn Barbie 2007 Hallmark Keepsake OrnamentHallmark Keepsake Barbie Ornament 2012 Shoe-licious!

Barbie Accessory Ornaments

Barbie Star Vette Barbie Ornament 2008 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

When I was younger I always used to imagine what it would be like to ride around in Barbie’s car or live in her Dream House. When I would play with my Barbies it was like I became part of her world somehow. Now having my own daughter I love watching and listening to her play and do the same things as I did. So, having these ornaments would help me keep the memories of not just my childhood alive, but that of my daughters as well. How much fun would Barbie riding around in her Vette add to your Christmas tree this year?


BARBIE ~ Hallmark – Dream House OrnamentBarbie in the Spotlight 2009 Hallmark OrnamentBarbie Family Deluxe House 2007 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament2007 Hallmark Ornament Barbie Spa Day

Whimsical Barbie Ornaments

Lumina Barbie 2014 Carlton Heirloom Ornament

Barbie is not only known for her elegance, she is also known for her fun whimsical side. Barbie can be found as a beautiful fairy, a ballerina, and a mermaid along with many others. She has a great way of reminding me of all the magic that there is in life and all around us. When I look at these Barbies I can’t help but get a smile on my face. Not only does she remind me of all the magic, she is just very beautiful to look at. These ornaments would be a great way to show your fun side and liven up your Christmas tree this season.


American Greetings Ornament 2013 Mariposa BarbieCarlton Cards Heirloom Prima Ballerina Barbie OrnamentBest in Show Barbie 2009 Hallmark OrnamentThe Sugarplum Princess Barbie 2014 Carlton Heirloom Ornament2011 Rocking Rockin Barbie Hallmark OrnamentBarbie Fairytopia 2005 Hallmark Ornament

Barbie Christmas Tree Toppers

Angel Lights Barbie Doll Tree Topper – Light Up Angel for Your TREE Top! Limited Edition (1993)Barbie Carousel Tree Topper – Star Lights Up & Barbie Rides Horse Up, Down & Around! (1997)

Pink Barbie Christmas Lights

Set of 70 Hot Barbie Pink LED C6 Christmas Lights – White Wire

We all no that Barbie is known for the color pink. So you want to make sure that you don’t forget the pink Barbie Christmas lights for your tree. These are sure to brighten up your tree and help you to have the best Barbie Christmas!


Barbie Christmas Ornament Fashion Show

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  1. What a interesting idea decorating a tree in a barbie theme, I’m sure your daughter would love helping you do that.
    Some beautiful items in this article, sure to please any Barbie lover.

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