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Barbie Houses

Barbie Dream Houses Townhouses, Furniture, Vehicles & Friends!

Most little girls love Barbie dolls, Barbie Houses, and accessories and have done so since she was first released in the late 50′s. As a child one of my first toys was a Barbie doll and unlike today where there are so many different choices of dolls, owning a Barbie was a big deal and I cherished my doll.

What I remember about the original Barbie and playing with her was all the outfits and accessories. She was the best doll I had and she brought me great joy playing with her and her friends. This interaction was also a contributing factor to my personal friendships. All my friends had Barbies and we got together and played house with them all. So when I remember Barbie this gives me fond memories of all my old friends as well.

You will notice that there are lot’s of Barbie homes on this page, I imagine Barbie can afford to have all of them by now and these houses are some of my favorite things about the range from her town house to the furniture and of course Barbie’s Dream House and 3 story townhouse. The Barbie Dream House is probably the best known of all the Barbie toys, except for Barbie herself and maybe Ken!

Featured here are all of Barbie’s Dreamhouses, Townhouses, some furniture, and accessories. For more information and pricing, just click on the pics and tags. These doll houses make wonderful gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or any day!

Barbie Dreamhouses & Townhouses

Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse

Barbie Malibu DreamhouseView Now

With three stories, six-plus rooms and 180 degrees of play, girls can open this glamorous Malibu home and rearrange for endless fun!

The first floor offers a kitchen and living room, complete with a glam pink chandelier. Take the elevator to the second floor and watch the day-to-night transformation as it’s time for Barbie to go to sleep.

On this level, a bathroom, dressing area and bedroom can be found. The third floor features an outdoor sundeck, complete with a telescope for whale watching. Dolls not included.


Barbie Dream House

Barbie Dream HouseView Now

Barbie has saved up for a new Dreamhouse and is moving in. Hit the kitchen on the first floor to create an amazing meal with the luxe stainless steel appliances and light-up oven.

Barbie and her guests can use the spacious bathroom that feature kid-activated light-up mirror, “flushing” toilet and someone singing in the shower.

Take the elevator to the third floor for even more FAB fun. Girls will enjoy having role-playing adventures with Barbie and her friends in her new Dream House


Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse

Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream TownhouseView Now

If Barbie ever get’s tired of the sights and sounds of Malibu she can head off into town for a weekend of shopping with her girlfriends at her Dream Townhouse complete with a crackling fireplace and flushing toilet.

The luxuries of living in town! This three story townhouse is of course decked out in luxury Barbie style furniture, that is, pink and more pink!

Barbie even has her own flat screen TV and a stylish bathroom! The house comes with 55 accessories and is fully furnished.


Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse

Barbie 3-Story Dream TownhouseView Now

Does Barbie need another townhouse? Maybe she loved her pink one so much that she just had to have another one in slightly darker shades of pink!

This townhouse is just like the pink house and features an elevator and is a great place for Barbie to entertain her city friends in her spacious kitchen/dining area.

It’s a pretty luxury pad and even has an outdoor rooftop hot tub! That’s city life!


Barbie Glam Vacation House

Barbie Glam Vacation HouseView Now

If Barbie ever get’s bored of her other properties she can always head off to her Glam Vacation House for a spell. Like all of her other homes, it’s pink and more pink and unlike her other homes this one is a little more cozy, having only two floors.

It does however have a nice patio bar and comes with lots of furniture to make the place feel like her home away from home including her pink chandelier which she seems to love as it’s in every home she owns. This medium sized Barbie play set is a great choice for kids and has lots of accessories for Barbie fans too.


Barbie 2 Story Beach House

Barbie 2-Story Beach HouseView Now

Barbie really must like to vacation a lot because she also owns a beach house, you know in case she get’s tired of Malibu! This is a smaller play set again with only 2 stories and seems a bit minimalistic for Barbie’s usual taste. It doesn’t even have an elevator!

The kitchen in particular is very compact and while it seems to have a great oven it doesn’t have a refrigerator or even a sink but I guess Barbie doesn’t have to worry about doing the dishes! It does have a nice spiral staircase though and comes with some great accessories.


Barbie Fashion Fairytale Palace

Barbie Fashion Fairytale PalaceView Now

If you were Barbie, wouldn’t you want a fairytale castle to vacation in too? This play set is based on the popular Barbie fashion fairytale movie and has it’s own cool drawbridge.

Barbie can entertain all her fashionable friends at her fashion palace and when they are done they can all have some fun dancing on a rotating dance floor!


Barbie Glam Getaway House

Barbie Glam Getaway HouseView Now

When a glam girl needs to relax, she needs a glam getaway house! A latch and carrying handle means this getaway home is also perfect on-the-go!

Open and unfold to reveal a cute kitchenette, adorable bedroom and en suite bathroom.

Colorful accessories engage girls’ decorating skills, while a unique feature keeps the pieces in place! Girls will love playing out fabulous stories in this glam home!


More Barbie Houses

Barbie has even more houses! She is a real estate tycoon for sure! Check out all these houses she can play in too.

 DecoPac Barbie Dream House Party Deco SetView Now Barbie Mariposa and The Fairy Princess PlaysetView Now Mega Bloks Barbie Luxury MansionView Now Barbie Chelsea Doll and Clubhouse PlaysetView Now Barbie Glam Vacation HouseView Now Barbie Sisters Life in The Dreamhouse CamperView Now

Barbie Furniture for Her Homes

Barbie Spin To Clean Laundry Room and Barbie Doll Set

Barbie Spin To Clean Laundry Room and Barbie Doll SetView Now

Barbie Doll and Furniture Collection helps make Barbie’s rooms look special. It has a transforming living room, laundry room, a closet and a blanket.

The set transforms to reveal a washer and dryer that actually spin and a fold-up ironing table.


Barbie Stovetop To Tabletop Deluxe Kitchen and Doll Set

Barbie Stovetop To Tabletop Deluxe Kitchen and Doll SetView Now

New Barbie Deluxe Doll and Furniture Collection. Each furniture piece contains a surprise transformation. It’s room play and transformation fun all in one.

Deluxe furniture set includes signature styling and transformation features. Collect all 3 new Barbie doll and deluxe furniture collection sets.


More Barbie Furniture

Dress up any Barbie house or play area with this fun Barbie furniture! Girls will love decorating their dream homes with this Barbie sized furniture.

 Barbie Doll and Kitchen Furniture SetView Now Barbie Glam Refrigerator Furniture SetView Now Barbie Treats To TV Refrigerator SetView Now Lovely Miniature Furniture Flower Print Sofa Couch With 2 Cushions For BarbieView Now E-TING Pink Mini Bed With Pillow for Barbie Dolls Dollhouse Bedroom Furniture #1View Now E-TING Fashion Dressing Table And Chair Set For Barbies Dolls Bedroom FurnitureView Now Barbie Glam Vanity Furniture SetView Now New Pink Closet Wardrobe + 12x Clothes Hangers for Barbie Doll Furniture BedroomView Now Barbie Doll and Bedroom Furniture SetView Now Barbie Dinner To Dessert Dining Room SetView Now Smorry Barbie Furniture SetsView Now Barbie Doll and Bathroom Furniture SetView Now Barbie Glam Laundry Furniture SetView Now Barbie Bath To Beauty Bathroom SetView Now Barbie Story Starter Laundry Room PlaysetView Now Barbie Story Starter Bathtub PlaysetView Now Qiyun 7pcs Fashion Dressing Table And Chair Set For Barbies Dolls Bedroom FurnitureView Now Topseller Plastic Mini Bed with Pillow and Sheet for Barbie Dolls DollhouseView Now

Barbie Vehicles

Selection of Barbie Vehicles

Barbie likes to travel in style and between her and Ken they own a lot of vehicles. Of course with that many properties you would need to travel a lot and Barbie has a lot of family and friends that probably travel with her.

 Barbie Sisters Safari CruiserView Now Barbie and Ken Beach CruiserView Now Barbie Sisters Cruiser VehicleView Now Barbie Glam ConvertibleView Now Barbie Glam Doll and ConvertibleView Now Barbie Fiat VehicleView Now Barbie Glam ConvertibleView Now Barbie and Ken Beach CruiserView Now Barbie Pink-tastic Vw Beetle and DollView Now Barbie R/C Convertible VehicleView Now Barbie So In Style Trichelle Doll and ConvertibleView Now Barbie Doll and Fiat VehicleView Now Barbie Glam ConvertibleView Now Barbie Sisters Golf Cart and Skipper Doll SetView Now Barbie and Her Sisters in a Pony Tale RV VehicleView Now

Barbie Friends Dolls

Barbie and Friends

Barbie and her family have many friends and acquaintances most of which are unavailable. Barbie’s own family is quite complicated with some members disappearing for many years and the family history is a little bit inconsistent. It would take too much time to explain the entire family but Barbie is the daughter of George and Margaret Roberts. She has several siblings, Skipper, Stacie, Kelly and twins Todd and Tutti.

Tutti has disappeared. Kelly has been replaced by Chelsea and Todd went from being the twin of Tutti to Stacie’s twin. Ken is Barbies boyfriend. They broke up once during which time Barbie dated an Australian called Blaine. Francie and Jazzie are her cousins.

 Barbie Sweet Talking Ken DollView Now Cali Guy Blaine DollView Now Barbie Sisters Skipper Doll and PetView Now Barbie Sisters Stacie Doll and PetView Now Mattel 2011 Barbie Francie Silkstone Doll – Mattel T7943View Now Barbie Sisters Train Taffy Skipper and Chelsea Doll 2-PackView Now Barbie & Friends Chelsea & Bunny Doll – 2012 ReleaseView Now Barbie Sisters Chelsea and Friends Doll, BunnyView Now Barbie Mariposa and The Fairy Princess Friends Doll, PurpleView Now

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