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Barrel Fountains and Planters

Barrels Make Great Fountains and Planters!

I’ve seen barrels and other unique items used for planters as I drive around areas in my neighborhood. My mom even had a plastic barrel that she used for planting Petunias in our back yard every year, so they are near and dear to my heart.

I’ve chosen ones that really struck a chord with me to share with you here. These might be a bit different than some you’ve seen, and that’s what I like about them. I enjoy things that are unique yet practical.

As I browsed for items to share here I really fell in love with some of them, and am making it a goal to get at least one for my yard in the near future! These barrel planters and barrel fountains are so cool and so much fun!

Old Fashioned Water Pump Barrel Fountain

Old Fashioned Water Pump Barrel Fountain

Barrel Fountains

These barrel fountains will add lovely decor to any yard or garden area. The serene water cascading down is relaxing and enjoyable when you sit outside alone or with family and friends.

 Rustic Three Tier Apple Barrel Outdoor Copper Barrel Fountain – Antique Copper Maldon Wood Barrel Fountain Koehler Home Indoor Tabletop Decorative Accent Wild Western Fountain Consumer Sales Network Small Barrel Fountain, Benzara Old Fashioned Pump Pouring in Benzara Two Tier Pump & Barrel

What Will You Use Your Barrel Planter for?

Whether you choose to plant Petunias in yours like my mom did in her black plastic barrel planter or whether you choose different flowers, I’m quite certain your barrel planter and/or fountain will look magnificent in your yard.

I’ve seen them tipped on their sides with dirt and flowers pouring out of them. I’ve seen them set on each side of a driveway to greet visitors as soon as they arrive. My mom had hers sitting on an old tree stump in the back yard, and even though she’s been gone for over 10 years now, her barrel planter still sits out back (I now own the house).

There are many ways to decorate with a barrel planter or fountain. Why not get one planter and one fountain and sit them close to each other for added interest and beauty? The options are many and the fun is grand!

Barrel Planters

 Antique Revival Wooden Half-Barrel Planter ATT SOUTHERN HDR-005063 Whiskey Barrel, 15.5-Inch Matthews Barrel Tub 12.75 Half Wine Barrel Screen Gems Wood Decor Barrels, Set Apple Barrel Planter Ladder All Maine Bucket BD156 16 x Cheungs Home Decorative Brown Wooden Round Barrel Tricycle Planter

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