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Bathroom Wall Art Ideas

Are You Looking for Creative Bathroom Wall Art Ideas?

Bathroom wall art will dress up any wall in your bathroom, and add pops of color and interest to your design. You will find bathroom wall art ideas here from pictures for bathroom, to wall decals, and more.

So how do you know what wall art to pick for your bathroom? Consider the design theme you are striving to achieve. Pick a theme that flows well with the other design styles throughout your home. For example do you decorate in mostly a modern theme, a country theme, a traditional theme, or something else? You might like a mixture of design styles, too, and are a bit eclectic. That’s fine. You can choose wall art that you enjoy, and that matches other accents in your bathroom such as the shower curtain, bath towels, wall colors, etc.

These bathroom pictures, and other bathroom wall art, will add elegant touches to your home, and they will give your bathroom a fresh look and feel. You can easily change your bathroom wall decor seasonally, or whenever the mood strikes.

Find some terrific bathroom wall art ideas below!

Bathroom Wall Art Ideas on Amazon

The Traditional Bathroom

You can easily incorporate wall mirrors and wall sconces into your bathroom design to create a focal wall in your bathroom.

If you have room between mirrors, consider an inspirational wall decal, or a small bathroom plaque that inspires you and goes well with the other decor.

The picture here is more of a traditional style with medium wood stains. You can really create an elegant atmosphere by choosing some wall art that will make a statement in your bathroom!

*Free Stock Photo

Traditional Bathroom Wall Art Ideas

The Tulips by Judy Mandolf Framed Art PrintThe Tulips by Judy Mandolf Framed Art Print

The Tulips by Judy Mandolf Framed Art Print Wall Picture
Available in 7 Sizes!

This framed wall art is elegant and simple. It’s perfect in your traditional bathroom, and will add interest and soft colors to your design.

Consider a shower curtain that is feminine and solid in design. Perhaps ecru, ivory, white, or tan.

Shag bathroom rugs in a neutral tone will be the perfect match, and your vanity items can match the frame in this photo for a cohesive design theme.

Portfolio Canvas DecorPortfolio Canvas Decor

“Morning Song II” by Nan Wrapped/Stretched Canvas Wall Art

This canvas painting goes well in a traditional bathroom that features blue, grey, and other neutral colors.

The blues in this bathroom wall art will stand out in beauty, and you can match your bath towels and rugs with the blue colors.

A silver or grey shower curtain would look stunning in your design, too!

Your wall decor can include canvas art, framed art, wall decals, hand painted designs, mirrors, and more. Create a relaxing place for family and guests. Consider a pretty soap dish on your vanity, or the back of your toilet, to hold decorative soaps. You can also put real or artificial greenery in your design to add a natural touch, if you desire. Bath rugs, towels, trash cans, and your shower curtain, should flow nicely together.

 Portfolio Canvas Décor ‘Almond Blossom Panel I’ by Head West Tea Glass Rectangle Mirror, 25-Inch by Blue Brown Floral Bathroom Wall Art,Teal Brown Bathroom Lily of the Valley Spa by Danhui Nai The Stupell Home Decor Collection Fleur de Lis Ussore Wall Sticker Live Love Butterfly Wall Stickers Garden Style Wrought Iron Bathroom Shelves Storage Rack Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful 6h x Vintage Red and Gold Perfume Bath Oil Lotion Wieco Art – Almond Blossom Modern Framed Floral Wall Decor Plus More WDPM3183 Never Dressed Wear French Perfume 9 – Mini Paris French Best

The Modern Bathroom

Modern design consists of clean lines, simple decor, metal touches, small pops of bright colors, etc.

If you are trying to create a sleek and simple look in your bathroom, consider metal wall art, white/grey/black vanities, a modern tub, modern faucets, and so on. Your shower curtain can be solid or have a funky design. Consider a shower curtain with white, black, or grey tones.

Wall mirrors can create cool focal points in a bathroom, too. Choose a variety of modern shapes and designs, and hang them on a focal wall. Canvas art, framed art, and wall decals will also work in your modern bathroom.

* Free Stock Photo

Modern Bathroom Wall Art Ideas

Contemporary Black & Silver Abstract Metal Wall ArtContemporary Black & Silver Abstract Metal Wall Art

Abstract Metal Wall Art

Abstract design is often used in modern style decor. The eye catching designs on these pieces are enough to attract attention without being overbearing.

Pair them with other black, silver, or grey accessories, and you’ll have a beautiful modern bathroom design!

Poppy Wall Art, Three Pieces: Large 17Poppy Wall Art, Three Pieces: Large 17

Poppy Wall Art

These beautiful steel poppies are a perfect addition to your modern bathroom walls. Display them together or separately, or buy two sets for a larger grouping.

You’ll love the simplicity of these poppies, yet they make a bold statement, and add so much interest to your modern bathroom design.

Your modern bathroom is already clean and simple, so make a statement with your wall decor. Choose a red metal wall piece, or bright green or turquoise colors to add pops of color, if you want. If you do that, consider matching your bath towels or rugs with the accent color. You can also keep things simple in wall art that is black, copper, grey, etc.

 Abstract Silver Metal Wall Art Sculpture – Multi-Panel Wieco Art – White Black Lines Point Modern Silver Rectangular Metal Wall Art Accent – Multi Deco 79 Modern Blossom Sun Abstract Metal Wall Abstract Silver and Black Metallic Wall Sculpture Accent Square Scrolled Metal Wall Medallion Decor Benzara 96901 Metal Wall Decor with Detail Work Hand-Painted White Cranes Metal Wall Art Home Source 400-21890 Decorative Metal Wall Art, Vase Deco 79 50094 Metal Wall Decor, 29 Deco 79 Wood Metal Wall Panel, 25 by SEI Hand-Painted Metal Gear Wall Art with Clock Caramel Desire Contemporary Metal Wall Art Decor – Modern Contemporary Wall Sculpture Copper – Multi-Dimensional Wall Ancient Graffiti Flamed Copper Wall Mount Heron

Other Bathroom Design Styles

Besides traditional and modern, you might enjoy these other design styles in your bathroom, as well:

~Shabby Chic
~Industrial (which can also be incorporated in modern design)
~Eclectic (mix things up according to what you enjoy most)

Even if your design preference is eclectic, you can still buy pieces that flow well together. Try to either stick with a color scheme that flows well, or patterns that might be the same or different, but that have many of the same colors in them. You might like traditional wall art with a shabby chic shower curtain, and a country chicken figurine for your vanity.

Your wall art can be mixed, as well. You can choose a variety of frame sizes or shapes, but keep the frame material the same (all black, all silver, etc.). That’s just one example of what you can do when decorating with wall art for any design theme.

Some people enjoy borders either near their ceiling, or in the middle of their walls. You can also create an accent wall in your bathroom, by choosing a paint color that is different yet complimentary to the other three walls.

Country & Shabby Chic Wall Art Ideas

Shabby chic and country are often very close in design. Country might include primitive, western, and rustic decor, while shabby chic can also include those, but also stoneware, metal decor, and weathered looks on furniture and other items. Shabby chic might often include ruffles, lace, and other feminine touches, too.

You can use shelves and wall cabinets for your wall art, too! Here are some creative country and shabby chic wall art ideas that I think you’ll enjoy.

English Wild Flowers Botanical Art Reproduction Unframed SetEnglish Wild Flowers Botanical Art Reproduction Unframed Set

 Crowned Keepsake Shelf #33663 20 Antique Door Knob Wall Hooks – Set Of Gifts & Decor Bedazzling Pendant Candle Holder Wall Tulip Flowers Window Shutter Shabby Chic French Country Tennessee Wicks Handcrafted Rustic Mason Jar Wall Sconce, Country Rustic Brown Wood Wall Organizer Shelf Rack MyGift Rustic Wood Wall Mounted Organizer Shelves w/ LightInTheBox 15 ChezMax 12 12 The Stupell Home Decor Collection Classic Prints for Decorating Bathroom; Salle De Bain The Stupell Home Decor Collection Bathroom Rules Blue The Stupell Home Decor Collection Soothe Calm Relax

Other Creative Wall Art Ideas

Here are some more wall art ideas I believe you will enjoy. Choose a style, color, and size you need for your space, and create a bathroom you’ll be proud to show off to others.

Wall art can make a statement in any room. Choose pieces that work well with your design style, color scheme, and wall sizes.

 nexxt Kian Wall Shelf with 5 Pegs, 24-Inch Sauder Wall Cabinet, Cinnamon Cherry Finish Alrens_DIY(TM)25pcs=5 Flowers Unique Gifts Crystal Reflective DIY Mirror Canvas Prints Wall Art – Spa Still Life Fancy Fish Design – Beautiful Ocean Inspired – American Atelier Mosaic Glass and Metal Wall Lighting Contemporary Metal Candle Sconce Set – 2 Pc Pomeroy Pentaro Candle Holder Sconce Wall Lighting – Gifts & Decor Ruby Blossom Tealight Candle Holder Glass Wall Sconce Candle Holder Antique Brown Koehler Home Kitchen Decorative Gift Lovestone Wall Sconces Gifts & Decor Dawn Lily Candle Holder Home Prinz Sand Piper Mirror with Resin Border and Aspire Embossed Metal Frame Wall Mirror, 36 Elegant Home Fashion Neal Mirror Lulu Decor, Oriental Round Silver Metal Wall Mirror, Kole Antiqued Bronze Sunburst Wall Mirror 25.5 24 3 Panel Wall Art Blue Ocean Bottom View Iron Wall Medallion (Teal)

Bathroom Decor Set of 4 Photographs

I love this photo set for bathroom wall art! The set is available in the handmade department of Amazon, and you can order different sizes. The photos come unframed, which is nice, because then you can choose the frame color that will work well with your other bathroom decor.

Bathroom Decor Set of 4 Photographs - 20%Bathroom Decor Set of 4 Photographs – 20%

Bathroom Wall Art Ideas on Wayfair

Aura Wall Décor

Aura Wall DécorAura Wall Décor

This handmade wooden sign has beautiful shades of blue, gold, grey, and other colors. It’s a lovely piece for your bathroom wall. Buy two and pair them together for a larger focal point on your wall.

Blue or grey bath towels and white rugs will match nicely with this bathroom wall art, and choose a shower curtain that you love, and that flows well with the colors in this piece.

“Mercury” Wall Décor

“Mercury” Wall Décor

This large wall hanging goes well in traditional, contemporary, and modern bathroom designs. It measures 27.5″ H x 52.5″ W.

Made of iron and silver in color, this neutral wall art goes well with any color scheme.

You’ll be adding a unique piece of art to your bathroom when you decorate with this beauty.

Bathroom Wall Art Ideas from Wayfair

Whatever your design style, Wayfair has lovely wall art selections to choose from for your bathroom walls! Mirrors, framed art, canvas prints, and more, will all dress up any wall in your bathroom.

 Ornate Panel Wall Décor Sailboat Wall Décor Birds on Branch Wall Décor Vivid Vines Wall Décor Fluent Round Wall Mirror Ozell Mosaic Wall Decor

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