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Be a Butterfly for Halloween

Great Butterfly Costume Ideas!

Little girls love dressing as butterflies or fairies, because of the wings, the glitter, the wands and all that is involved in blossoming into a beautiful butterfly.

I’ll show you tips on helping your child become the best butterfly ever, and if you decide to dress as a butterfly for your next costume event, these might just help you, as well.

You’ll find everything you need right here for becoming a butterfly!

Are Butterflies and Fairies the Same Thing?

No, butterflies and fairies are not the same thing, although you’ll often find costumes that can be used for either. Fairy wings are often times very similar, if not the same, as butterfly wings.

If your child decides she would rather be a fairy than a butterfly, simply add a wand, a tutu and possibly change the makeup a bit, and she can go as a fairy princess.

Butterfly costumes are frilly and feminine, yet very simple to put together. Here are the basics that you will need:

*Full length leotard or solid color matching t-shirt or tank top and tights or leggings. Black works well, or try to match the color of the wings you purchase.
*Wings from a costume supply place (also sold here).
*Makeup (find awesome tutorials on YouTube).
*Antennae (sold here).

Girls’ Leotards, Tights and Ballet Shoes

These items will serve as your base for the butterfly costume. You’ll build around them with pretty wings, antennae, makeup and more.


You can find some awesome videos on YouTube that will walk you through, step-by-step, on a variety of makeup options to becoming a beautiful butterfly or fairy. Kids will enjoy the way they look. Try not to pick something too in depth, though, if you have a little one who doesn’t like to sit still for very long. Consider the amount of time each will take before you choose the one that’s best for your child or yourself. CLICK HERE FOR SEARCH OPTIONS

Butterfly Face Art, Makeup and More

Antennae Make a Big Impact

Antennae will make a big impact on your butterfly or fairy outfit, and will complete the look!

You’ll find a variety of butterfly antennae available, so choose the style you like best.

With or without makeup, your butterfly outfit is definitely going to need antennae!

The Wings Have It!

Finish off the butterfly or fairy costume with a beautiful pair of wings! There are many colors and designs to choose from, so consider your top and pants colors, as well as the makeup color you are going to use, and go from there. Or you can pick your wings first and finish your outfit around them.

There are many more styles and colors available on Amazon, too, if you don’t want any of the ones featured here. Simply click on any of the products on this page, then once you land on Amazon, do your own search for “fairy wings.” I found that to give me better results than searching for “butterfly wings.”

Get the Complete Costume Here

If you want a butterfly costume that’s already to go, then these are some nice options for you. They come with the basic things you need to dress as a butterfly for your next costume event. You can add makeup and any other little touches you desire. These are the easy way to go, and they look terrific!

Flitter flutter butterfly, all around the yard.
From flower to flower you go, dressing up the sky.

Pretty little butterfly gentle and proud.
Oh how I love watching you!

by margaret brown

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