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Beach Themed Throw Pillows

Beach Decor Pillows

Pillows are a detail of decor that can add a lot to a room. They can add a splash of color or they can blend into a room in a subtle way, adding elegance and grace. Pillows make a room look comfortable and inviting.
The pillows featured here on this page all have a beach theme, with sea creatures, shells, or an anchor. If you have a beach house or a room in your home that is decorated with beach decor, you might find something here that you like.

Beach Themed Accent Pillow

Pillows for your Beach House

 Spiked Fish Throw PillowSpiked Fish Throw Pillow



This spiked fish pillow will be a great accent to your beach themed room. You don’t have to live at a beach house to enjoy these pillows in your home.
This pillow measures 20 inches by 20 inches and is made of 100% Grade A cotton. It has a hidden zipper closure and is machine washable for ease of laundering.
All of the pillows on this page come from Zazzle, the print-on-demand company. They have quality products and their customer service is awesome. Their motto – “We promise 100% satisfaction. If you don’t absolutely love it, we’ll take it back!”


More Beach Themed Throw Pillows

Here is a series of beach themed pillows, featuring a blue design on a light sandy color. They are neutral enough that they’ll go with several different color schemes and they’ll add a touch of class to the room. They have a light and breezy feel to them which makes them perfect for a beach house or a seaside cottage.

 Blue Seahorse PillowBlue Seahorse Pillow Blue Starfish PillowBlue Starfish Pillow Blue Nautilus PillowBlue Nautilus Pillow Blue Scallop ShellBlue Scallop Shell Big Belly FishBig Belly Fish Blue Anchor PillowBlue Anchor Pillow


Beach Themed Pillows

will look great in your beach house or in any beach themed room.

Using Throw Pillows

Tips and advice on using throw pillows from P. Allen Smith.

Beach Collage Pillow

Under the Sea Pillow

 Another “Under the Sea” PillowAnother


This is a wonderful collage of undersea creatures including a scallop shell, a cuttlefish, a starfish, coral, and a couple of other fishes. The colors are shades of aqua, orange, dark blue, and green, great for summer decorating. I especially like the puffer fish.

More Beach Themed Throw Pillows

Here is a selection of lumbar pillows all done in a beach theme. Lumbar pillows measure 13 inches by 21 inches and are made from 100% grade A woven cotton.
Choose from a vintage crab, a lobster, an octopus, a pair of sea horses, or a tribal turtle design.

 Lobster PillowLobster Pillow Seashell with ShadowSeashell with Shadow Stylized Seashell on a Teal Background PillowStylized Seashell on a Teal Background Pillow Sea HorsesSea Horses Crab PillowCrab Pillow Puffer Fish Lumbar PillowPuffer Fish Lumbar Pillow Cuttlefish Lumbar PillowCuttlefish Lumbar Pillow “Under the Sea” Lumbar Pillow


Decor Boost-Change out Your Pillows

The easiest and least expensive way to freshen up a room is to add throw pillows or change out your existing ones. This can really give your room a lift.

Anchor PillowAnchor PillowAnchor PillowBlue Anchor PillowBlue Anchor PillowBlue Anchor PillowBlue Nautilus PillowBlue Nautilus PillowBlue Nautilus PillowNautilus Throw PillowNautilus Throw PillowNautilus Throw PillowCrab PillowCrab PillowCrab PillowLobster PillowLobster PillowLobster PillowTribal Turtle Throw PillowTribal Turtle Throw PillowTribal Turtle Throw PillowSea Horses Throw PillowSea Horses Throw PillowSea Horses Throw Pillow


Thank You!

I enjoyed designing these pillows and gathering them here for you to browse. I hope you enjoyed them and found some beach themed pillows to love.

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