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Become a broken record, because it may help you make money in this economy!

In the Faith chapter, I read the section Faith is A State Of Mind Which May be Induced By Autosuggestion. There is an extra chapter on Autosuggestion, but this chapter sets it up.

What Napoleon Hill is talking about is self-suggestion, or auto-suggestion. Very cool. So, he says that your subconscious mind will believe what you tell it as long as you keep repeating the thought to yourself, whether it is true or not. Pretty interesting. So, in other words, you don’t need to lie to yourself, but you can surely bend the truth.

So, if you keep telling yourself that you have $100,000 in the bank, even if you don’t right now, eventually, your desire to have $100,000 in the bank will become true. In other words, you really have to believe it, even if it is not true. Eventually, your subconscious mind will be believe it too and this desire will transmute into its financial equivalent. I love how the human mind works.

I suppose this works the other way and maybe it is the reason that some of us have no money in the bank. We have been telling ourselves all of our lives that there is no way that we will ever become rich. Money goes to money. Since we have no money, we reason that we will never have it. This really does become our reality. So, you can turn it around. Tell yourself, and repeat it, that you will be rich, that you will have $100,000 in the bank, and that you will be a success and eventually, your subconscious mind will make it happen for real.

Hill makes a big deal of this statement “Faith is the eternal elixir which gives life, power, and action to the impulse of thought.” So, in other words, if you have faith in yourself, your thoughts will give you the power to take action and make the money you want to make.

Here is another strong sentence “Faith is the starting point for the accumulation of riches. ” That’s big. So, in other words, you will become rich once you have faith.

Faith is the only antidote for failure. So, if you fail, have faith in yourself and your failure will be transformed in a success.

This is probably the strongest chapter in the book. Let me simplify this chapter for you. Have faith in your ability to become rich and you will!

Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich is inspiring and is full of great wisdom.

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  1. Our mind is golden. :)

  2. Very good book. I can maybe offer some of my real life experiences. I have had a few business endeavours that were doing poorly, once I applied vision with a concrete goal and told myself where I was going the “obstacles” became moot. I have also driven going concerns into the ground because of a negative perspective.Point being your mind is an immensely powerful thing. If your mind and spirit believe you can there is very little that can stand in one’s way.

    p.s. Bruce I told my wife I am reading your blog posts instead of watching a movie with her…so you are in the doghouse and not me! ha!

  3. First off, this is one of my favorite books of ALL time! As I watch what is happening right now with WebNuggetz, I see the principals of this book unfolding. I’ve got my master mind group (that’s you guys), I’ve got more faith than I can contain and the drive to shoot for the sky. In my mind, we’re already the most dominating force in online writing and I already see the prize, I’m just chasing it now…its right there in front of me. You have to be able to see, you have to already know its yours to get… I love this book. It’s a treasure in itself.

    I find it SO ironic that you posted this. =) Just makes me even more confident that you were Heaven sent.

    • Hey Lesley, this IS great. I think you already have the gold. Now, it is just a time thing. You, Thomas, and the others on the pioneer team have also become MY mastermind group too, so much, that I started a Google Plus circle called WebNuggetz and guess who’s in it…

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