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Bedtime is More Fun with Dream Lites, the Constellation Night Lights for Kids

My daughter is 6 years old, and she has always been good about going to bed at night. Every night, we read some books and then put on her favorite music, and she usually goes right to sleep. But, like most kids, there are some nights when she wants to dawdle and stay up later. Fortunately, I’ve found a cure for that – Dream Lites.

Dream Lites are soft constellation night lights for kids. They’re made by the some company that makes My Pillow Pets, those plush toys that can unfold and be used as pillows, and they come in six cute animal designs that match the Pillow Pets, so your child can have a matching pillow and night light.

My daughter has the original rainbow unicorn Pillow Pet and the new Rainbow Unicorn Dream Lites. It’s certainly made bedtime more fun. Now there’s no dawdling before bedtime. She’s ready to run to her room every night so she can see the stars shining on her ceiling after we turn on the Dream Lites. By the time the automatic timer goes off (after 20 minutes), she’s always fast asleep.

My daughter is always wanting the products she sees on TV commercials, and most of the time I just say no. But if a night light can double as a toy that makes her happy while also serving as a nightlight to help her go to sleep, then I’m happy, too.

Of course, I’m sure she’ll tire of the Dream Lites after a few months. And then I’ll be ready with my next bedtime surprise – the Stompeez slippers she has been wanting. Now that I’ve found where to buy Stompeez slippers and save money, I’ve already got my Christmas shopping underway.

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