Belonging, A Book Review

Belonging (Where The Heart Lives) is an Adult Christian fiction written by Robin Lee Hatcher.

Felicia Kristofferson is a teacher for a small town in Idaho.  She had had her teaching credential for several years but the people who had taken her in when her mom died were in bad health so she stayed to help them.  She had thought they had adopted her after her brother, sister, and herself had arrived in Montana by rail car with other orphans but after their death she discovered that had not.  Everything except her clothes  belonged to a  “cousin” who wanted his son to marry Felicia.  She wanted no part of that so had found this job.  She is trying to find out what has happened to her brother and sister but so far not made any progress.



Charity and her father, Colin lived in the back of the store her father ran.  Her mom had died several years before.  She really liked her teacher Miss K.  She liked to fish with her until Felicia falls in and almost drowns.

Miss K was liked by all the students and all of the parents but Mrs. Summerfield (SR.) who had the idea that  Charity’s father should marry her daughter-in-law Kathleen.  Kathleen lived with her Mother and Father-in-law since her husband had died leaving her with 2 daughters and no income.

Mrs. Summerfield had told Felicia that it was a secret but Colin and Kathleen were engaged.  Felicia was starting to find herself caring for Colin but Kathleen was her best friend. What happens when they discover this lie?

I really liked this book and had a hard time putting it down. I would recommend it to others.

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