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Benefits of a Geotagging Camera

If you love travel photography, a geotagging camera is a great idea. These cameras come with a built-in GPS unit that will automatically locate and remember where your image was taken and record that information into the photo’s EXIF data. Here are some of the benefits of digital cameras with geotagging functions.

1. Save time tagging your photos.
Digital photography has made it possible for shutterbugs to take more photos than ever before and when you’re on vacation or away from home, it’s particularly easy to go crazy with your camera. But when you get home with hundreds – or perhaps even thousands – of photos to sort through and tag, the task can be quite challenging. Digital cameras with geotagging functions can help simplify this process. You may still need to tag your wife and kids so you can sort your photos later by person, but the camera can do all the work of tagging your photos by location so you can quickly and easily find photos from a particular locale.

geotagging cameras - sony2. Easily share your travels online.
If you upload geotagged photos to some social media sharing sites, your photos can be linked to an online map that shows exactly where your pictures were taken. This is great for sharing with friends and family. Even if your they can’t locate Abu Dhabi or Timbuktu on a map without some help, they’ll be able to see exactly where you were with the help of your geotagged photos.

3. Never forget where your photos were taken.
Multi-city, multi-country trips are wonderful, but if you’re taking a road trip across the United States or backpacking across Europe and taking pictures in multiple locations every day, you might have a hard time remembering where each photo was taken after you get home. With a camera with geotagging, you’ll never need to worry about forgetting that information.

Once you start letting your camera do the geotagging, you’ll never want to go back to the old way again.

(Image: Sony Alpha SLTA55V DSLR with geotagging)

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