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Beside Still Waters



Beside Still Waters, A Book Review

Beside Still Waters is an Amish Romance Novel by Trisha Goyer. It is the first book about Marianna Sommer and Aaron Zook. It takes place in Montana.

Marianna Sommers and her family except Levi, her brother who has let the Amish faith, have moved from Indiana to Montana.  Her family wants to get away from memories of the night Marianna was born.  They were traveling home in their buggy when it was hit by a semi and her two older sisters were killed instantly.  Her mom went into early labor and Marianna was born.

Marianna always felt like she had to try to make up for the two sisters that died.  She worked hard to help her parents.

When her parents decided to go to Montana, Marianna did not want to go.  Aaron Zook was just starting to pay her attention and was building  a cabin for her but her mom was expecting a baby and she knew they would need her to help with the other children.  She agreed to go and stay 6 months.  Aaron was not happy about this.

Beside Still Waters

Beside Still Waters

They travel to Montana by train and then  by van the rest of the way.  Marianna finds it to be a beautiful place.  Different from Indiana in the way the Amish live among the Englisher.

Marianna  spends lots of time with Ben Stone, a driver for the Amish.  She is very confused as far as her feelings for Aaron and for Ben.

I enjoyed this book even though I had read the 2nd book first.

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