Best DJ Business Cards To Help You Get The Best Jobs

DJ Business Cards

Having a good business card to show your potential clients is essential to getting good jobs. If they don’t remember how to contact you, you won’t get any work. The cards below present your contact information along with DJ and music related images so that your soon-to-be clients will not only remember you, but they’ll be excited to call you to get their parties started.

Here are some DJ business cards for you to consider. Whether you want turntables on your cards, bright lights or something more understated, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on DJ business cards that you’re going to find and there are tons to choose from.


DJ Business Card

This simple yet classy card has “DJ” printed behind your name on the front and everything your clients need to know about you on the back.

All of the DJ business cards presented here are 100% customizable. You can change any part of the cards you choose to suit your needs.

DJ Business Cards Featuring Records & Turntables

Watching a DJ do his job is sometimes just as much fun as listening to the music. There’s always a group of people around the DJ at a party and it’s not just because that’s where the music is loudest. By putting records and turntables on your business cards, you’re reminding people of the visual aspect of what you do and that will make them all the more eager to hire you.

DJ Business Cards Featuring Cassettes

Cassettes may be a little out of date, but they still mean music to a lot of people. It wasn’t that long ago that we were all using these things to make mix tapes and some of those mix tapes were real hits at parties. If you want your clients to think “fun” and “good music”, showing them a cassette on your business card is a good way to go.

DJ Business Cards Featuring Other Equipment

The equipment you use makes a great representation of what you do so well. Letting people see it on your business cards will get them excited and eager for your services.

DJ Business Card Featuring A Sound Display

Louder is usually better at a party. Showing a visual display of great music blasting is a great way to get your clients ready to rock.

DJ Business Cards ~ In The Club

If you’re really looking to get hired for parties, these may be just the thing. They show some fun and colorful party scenes. They’ve got everything from a disco ball to brightly colored spotlights. There are silhouettes of people raising their hands to the ceiling and clearly having a great time. The best way to get people ready for a party is to show them a party.

Printable DJ Business Cards

What you get with these is a file you can download instantly. You then change the pertinent information and print them on business card stock. You can use the file again and again whenever you start to run out of cards.

DJ Business CardDJ Business Card

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  2. you do beautiful work at zazzle. Very useful business cards

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