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Best Friends With God

Best Friends with God, A Review

Best Friends with God: Falling in Love with the God Who Loves You is an adult nonfiction written by Christy Bower.

The book tells us how we all suffer at times thinking we are unlovable or that God loves the world but not individual people. The travelers on the way to Emmaus were not feeling loved as they traveled along talking of Jesus’s death, but when they were joined by Jesus it changed their world.

Best Friends with God

Best Friends with God

The prodigal son had wasted all his inheritance but his Father welcomed him home because he loved him. Jesus wants us to know He loves us in this way.

Paul, formerly Saul, was a devout person who thought he was doing what God wanted until he met Jesus and got a name change as well as a life change. Oh how much Jesus loved.

Mary the sister of Lazarus and Martha sat at Jesus’ feet and listened to His teaching when this was reserved for men. She had such love that she anointed Jesus’ head and feet.   Jesus loved her enough to allow this.

David had and felt a great love of God and gives this to us in Psalms.

Job who God had blessed greatly did not curse God when it was all taken away by Satan. God blessed him more in the end.

Peter who said he would stay with Jesus as long as he lived denied Jesus three times. Jesus loved him enough to let him know he was forgiven. Peter wrote many letters to churches afterwards.

We can have no greater friend than Jesus.

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