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Best Gifts for 13 Year Old Girl

Best Gifts for 13 Year Old Girls

The best gifts for 13 year old girls are often things you have not even considered. What on earth do you buy for a 13 year old girl? Our granddaughter will be thirteen years old soon, and these are my narrowed down choices. Too old for toys, too young for makeup. I have to admit that her mom helped me with some of these choices!
Keep scrolling for all the best ideas for your young teen. Remember – you can click on any item to read more details.
Our granddaughter loves dream catchers. I thought these bags were really cute, don’t you?

Boho Indian Bag DreamcatcherBoho Indian Bag DreamcatcherDream Catcher Student's School BagDream Catcher Student’s School Bag

Wild and Crazy Socks

Young teen girls love socks – and the wilder and crazier they are, the more they love them. They mix and match them, wear all sorts of crazy combinations. It’s a fashion statement for young teens. These are the ones I am ordering for our granddaughter this year – she loves art!

Mona Lisa Trouser Sock,Mona Lisa Trouser Sock,Art Masterpiece Painting CollectionArt Masterpiece Painting Collection

What Are the Best Gifts for 13 Year Old Girls?

Top 4 Gifts for 13 Year Old Girl

Our granddaughter lives at the beach and wants a metal detector to search for treasure there. Most 13 year olds are curious and would enjoy their own metal detector. In our family, we collect wisdom quotes and motivational sayings of all kinds – I know she will enjoy this book. Because she is a budding fashion designer, I also chose an artist set. And she loves animals of all kinds. This backpack is perfect for her.
Which gift would your 13 year old choose?

#1 Best Metal Detector Starter Kit#1 Best Metal Detector Starter KitCan Do: A Collection of Inspirational QuotesCan Do: A Collection of Inspirational QuotesCute Owl Leather BackpackCute Owl Leather BackpackArtist Studio Portable Art SetArtist Studio Portable Art Set

13th Birthday Jewelry for Girls

If your young teen loves pretty jewelry, she would enjoy one of these pieces. I think the “13” charm is perfect for 13th birthdays. When a young girl turns 13, she is ready for some nicer pieces of jewelry – and a pretty jewelry box to keep her collection.

13th Birthday Charm, Sterling Silver13th Birthday Charm, Sterling SilverGranddaughter 13th Birthday GiftGranddaughter 13th Birthday Gift13th birthday gift for teen girls13th birthday gift for teen girlsSterling Silver 13 Years Old HeartSterling Silver 13 Years Old Heart

Unique Backpacks for 13 Year Old Girls

More choices in backpacks

A girl simply must have the coolest backpack ever!

TrendyMax Galaxy PatternTrendyMax Galaxy PatternCute Lightweight Canvas BookbagCute Lightweight Canvas BookbagCanvas Backpack for GirlsCanvas Backpack for GirlsSchool Backpack 3D Animal PrintSchool Backpack 3D Animal Print

Fun Pillows and Bedrests for Teenage Girls

Teenagers cannot have enough pillows – at this age, they seem to collect soft pillows and even softer stuffed animals or blankets. Piled high on a bed, they make a teen girl’s room almost perfect. Pillows are one of the best gifts for 13 year old girls.

Decorative Throw Pillow CoverDecorative Throw Pillow CoverI Love You to the Moon and BackI Love You to the Moon and BackMicro Mink Plush BedrestMicro Mink Plush BedrestPalomino Bed RestPalomino Bed Rest

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  1. Gypzeerose

    I think any girl that receives these gifts for her thirteenth birthday would think it is lucky thirteen!

  2. Some really great ideas Joan. I especially like the ‘I’m not weird I’m limited edition’ necklace.

  3. I would have loved that 80 piece art set when I was 13. Oh, I would even love it now. You found some wonderful gift suggestions for a 13 year old girl.

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