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Best Herbs And Spices For Cooking Poultry

Are you planning a BBQ or want to roast the perfect chicken for dinner? Tired of your chicken always coming out with the same bland boring taste? Add some flavor to your dinner tonight by using the right blend of herbs and spices. When cooking poultry there are several basic herbs and spices that you can use that will turn that ordinary bird into a extraordinary meal that will get your taste buds attention. Knowing what herbs and spices to use with poultry is important using just a pinch of the wrong one and the taste will be all wrong. I will share below some of the more common herbs and spices that you can use when cooking poultry.

Herbs And Spices for Poultry

List of Common Herbs and Spices For Poultry

Basil –  is a minty herb that has fresh green leaves that are full of flavor and is great for poultry

Bay Leaves – have a mild sweet but distinctive flavor and are available as whole dried leaves

Crushed Red Pepper– This one is hot so use sparingly

Cumin– available whole or powder and has a musky aroma and flavor and works great along with other herbs

Dill– fresh dill has a slightly salty lemony taste and dried dill is more pungent so use sparingly

Oregano– is a very distinctive taste that is great for poultry and many other uses

Paprika– has a very mild taste and is used to give poultry some color as well as taste

Parsley– is another all around herb that is a must for any spice rack

Rosemary-The sweet delicate flavor of this herb really makes poultry stand out

Sage– this olive green herb is a must have when it comes to cooking poultry

Saffron– This exotic spice is great for chicken soup and other poultry dishes use sparingly a little flavor goes a long way.

Tarragon– This herb has a fresh pleasant taste and is great for poultry marinades

Thyme– another great all around herb works excellent for poultry stuffing.

Have a special Herb or Spice I never mentioned please leave a comment and add your favorite herb and spice to this list.


Herb and Spices Video

Watch this video guide to herb and spices and learn what herbs and spices work best together to bring out the best flavor possible to your cooking.

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