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Best Kiddie Pools for Summertime Fun

Swimming Pools Designed for Kids

Kiddie pools are the greatest way to keep the kids occupied during the hot summer months as children enjoy nothing as much as splashing in the water.

After all, grownups also enjoy lying on a float lounger, while tanning. Some even bring the pleasure to a higher level sipping a cocktail while doing nothing but having contact with the sun.

Pools make also fantastic party activities for sunny summer days and friends gatherings.

So, if you are looking into buying a kiddie pool to place in the back garden this summer, here is a list with the different types of pools that will help you choose the right swimming pool for your kids.

Convertible Backyard Swimming Pools for Children

Hard plastic or wooden supports

Step2 Play and Shade Pool

A first alternative for little ones to take pleasure from spalshing in the water is a convertible pool/sandbox. Sandoxes are hard built and can agreeably become small pools.

Convertible kiddie pools are generally made out of hard plastic or wood to which one can add a vinyl pool insert and fit any kind of backyard.

They’re extremely handy if you don’t have a big yard. Naturally, there come in different sizes, from water activity tables to playing centers.

Little Tikes Butterfly Sandbox & Wading PoolStep2 Naturally Playful Summertime Play CenterBanzai Bazoom Aqua Play SandboxLittle Tikes Turtle Sandbox

Unfold and Pop UP Swimming Pools For Kids

Quick and easy to assemble kiddie pools

Ocean Reef Snapset Instant Kids Swimming Pool

These types of pools for kids are generally round shaped and, although also popular don’t come in as many different designs as inflatable ones.

Still they are affordable and a good option for the whole family to take pleasure splashing around in the water.

They are generally bigger than inflatable items and their sides are made out of hard plastic or metal frames instead of inflated tubes.


Pop-Up Canopy PoolIntex Ocean Coral Reef Snapset PoolIntex Mini Frame Pool, YellowSplash-in-Shade Play Pool, 8′ by 20″

Inflatable Kiddie Pools for the Backyard

The most popular option for family fun

Intex 117-by-76-by-53-Inch Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center (japan import)

The most popular pools nowadays are inflatable kiddie pools; which are really easy to install as well as quite inexpensive as one can find inflatable kiddie pools for as low as $20 on the market.

These pools for kids have been cleverly conceived: tubes are big enough for the kids to sit on them but not too much so as to enable the kids to get out of them without trouble.

Inflatable kiddie pools come in many different designs, ranging from animal shaped pools to boat shaped pools; some may even be complete playing centers.


Intex Lil’ Captain Inflatable Baby PoolIntex Mushroom Inflatable Baby PoolLi’l Squirt Baby Wading PoolIntex Whale Spray PoolBanzai Baby Sprinkles Splish Splash poolIntex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center, 117Disney Princess Canopy PoolBanzai Spray ‘n Splash Giraffe PoolIntex Dinosaur Play Center PoolFantasy Castle Inflatable Play Center

Which Type Should You Choose…

All these types of kiddie pools are excellent choices for your fun kids activities in the garden. All types of pools are quite easy to set up and the difference lies into the use you plan to do with these pools.

The advantage of the plastic and the convertible ones is that they won’t require an air pomp to be inflated while an inflatable item will allow you to choose between many different designs and even water activity centers.

The principle thing to look into when choosing a pool for children is the number of little ones who are going to fit in it and the kind of use that’s going to be made with these items: are they going to be family activity centers only or are they going to be part of summer party games? While the plastic ones are bigger than the inflatable models, the latter come in a wide range of sizes and designs and convertible sandboxes allow toddlers to take part to the fun.

As for safety, while most models listed in this page are safer than deeper backyard swimming pools, as parents you should always have a eye on your children when they play in the water.

My preference goes for inflatable pools. I’ve always bought these. Whether I only had a patio or a bigger garden. I have never been disappointed with the models I chose: small inflatable pool when my boy was a toddler, bigger one when he grew up.

Some More Pools To Check Out

Splish and splashin’ fun

Lazy Fish Inflatable Baby PoolCrazy Crab Spray poolSea Turtle Shade Inflatable Baby PoolWater Spraying Shark Kiddie PoolPuppy Love Inflatable Baby PoolSun Shade Inflatable PoolSea Land Adventure PoolHippo and Coco Fun Play CenterBig Splash Inflatable Activity CenterDinosaur Play Center And Kiddie PoolBanzai Slide N Splash Dragon PoolInflatable Slam’n Curve Slide Kiddie Pool

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  1. Gypzeerose

    Kids love little pools! They can be kept busy for a long, long time.

  2. Those delightful new kiddie pool designs are a real treat! Cute gift for a baby shower too!

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