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Best Movie Funeral

I am enjoying reading Alice Martin’s posts this week about funerals, and I began to wonder about the best movie funerals.

I know the best for me was in Steel Magnolias! As a senior citizen, it seems we attend more funerals than we used to. But I can tell you, that in my darkest grief, I always remember the funeral scene from Steel Magnolias.

The scene that stands out is when M’Lynn gets hysterical right after the funeral. With her dearest friends surrounding her, M’Lynn goes into a tirade of whys. In the midst of her grief, she shouts, “I just want to hit somebody!” And Clarisse offers the perfect solution — “hit Weezer!” — and she offers their friend Weezer for the hitting. The friends all collapse in laughter.

For me, this particular funeral scene is a perfect demonstration of the wild and crazy grief reactions we all experience. We wonder if we are absolutely losing our senses. It’s all perfectly normal, but at the time it sure feels crazy. It helps to remember the Steel Magnolias and give ourselves a little grace!

What is your favorite movie funeral scene?

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  1. I’d really have to work to come up with a movie funeral scene, Joan and would you believe I have never seen Steel Magnolias? (Feel free to leave a link to your page on my Facebook movie page, Joan.)

  2. I love that scene too! In fact, I love the whole movie – I know ALL those women personally, yes I do. I don’t go to many funerals. They have an amazing tendency to make me angry when a religious person goes on piously talking about someone they obviously did not know at all. I think probably the last one I went to was my favorite – although the minister spoke, several family members also eulogized him and it was far more balanced and enjoyable and about the person we were there to memorialize instead of a disguised sermon.

    • I agree, Summer. I really do not like the impersonal preachy type funerals. but I totally enjoy the ones where family and friends share their precious memories. The last one I went to was for a dear friend and she had insisted that we have a celebration, and we did! We sang her favorite hymns and her country music songwriter friends sang her favorites from their creations, too. It was a glorious celebration of her life, with thanksgiving, tears, and joy. most important – it was real!
      PS I know all those Steel Magnolias too! lol

  3. I have not seen Steel Magnolias. Looks like something I should watch!

    • Oh Dianne! Steel Magnolias is a classic! And you will see exactly how I grew up! lol Nothin’ quite like life in the south!

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