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The Piano Guys – From a YouTube Sensation to Playing at Trumps Inauguration

Many people never heard of the Piano Guys before the Trump Inauguration concert at the Lincoln Memorial, but playing the Fight Song at the Inaugural Ball brought their brand of classical pop music into the news headlines.

The Piano Guys are a musical group including four musicians who play an unorthodox piano, cello and have one of the highest ranked channels on YouTube which having over FIVE million subscribers.

Fight Song and Amazing Grace by The Piano Guys

Rachel Platten Cover of Fight Song

The Piano Guys sent the Twitter world and social media on fire after they played their cover version of Rachel Platten’s Fight Song. Why? Because Hillary also chose this song as her theme.

Let me clear a few things up. The Piano Guys did NOT choose this song to support one candidate over another. They chose it to support a country and Americans everywhere fighting and struggling. This song was copyrighted and recorded in October of 2015. It appears on their newest album Uncharted and to date (it’s changing fast) has 16.2 Million views on YouTube.

This is YOUR Fight Song! Steven Sharp Nelson introduced the song by telling about his Father who cared for his kids while his wife and their Mother fought eighteen years with brain cancer.

“In a world where we too often talk about our differences, we have at least one thing in common. We all struggle. Not in the same way, nor at the same level, but we all want a fighting chance. And we all share in one gift: The will to make the most of our lives. To take what we’ve been given and turn it into something better..”

“Grace is the defining moment when we face and fight a monster poised to define us or destroy us.”

Put aside your political differences. Be people, embrace people. Enjoy the music and have some Amazing Grace with one another.

Where to Find Piano Guys Music

The Piano Guys are Taking the World by Storm

The Piano Guys is one of the Top 100 Music YouTube channels with over FIVE million subscribers. They combine instrumental classical music with popular pop songs in a way no other musicians have done before. Their combination of piano and cello mesmerizes audiences.

You can listen to any of their songs by visiting Amazon and download their latest album The Piano Guys Uncharted.

The Piano GuysThe Piano GuysA Family ChristmasA Family ChristmasUnchartedUnchartedThe Piano Guys 2The Piano Guys 2

One Direction Song Played at Trump Inauguration

Piano Guy Song Played at Lincoln Memorial Concert

This song got the Twitter world buzzing during the Lincoln Memorial concert for the 2017 Trump Inauguration. According to the band members, this song was a product of a random session unplanned and totally spontaneous.

They were supposed to have been having a brainstorming session for a video shoot, but since all are poster children for ADHD (their words not mine)

Dare you NOT to tap your feet.

History of the Piano Guys

How Did the Piano Guys Get Their Name?

I have been listening and following Jon Schmidt since the late 1990’s and even downloaded his All of Me and “Dumb Song” when he was a solo musician teaching piano lessons.

The group started in southern Utah in a town called Saint George. Paul Anderson was looking for an unconventional way to market pianos and in walked John Schmidt. Conveniently the name of the store, “The Piano Guys”

They call themselves just a bunch of ordinary guys playing classically influenced instrumental music. But, they have taken the internet by storm with their eclectic mix of classical rock, film scores, rock and pop reditions.

Live! (Deluxe Edition - Amazon Digital Exclusive)Live! (Deluxe Edition – Amazon Digital Exclusive)Fight Song / Amazing GraceFight Song / Amazing GraceJust the Way You Are - Piano/cello Cover - SingleJust the Way You Are – Piano/cello Cover – SingleThe Piano Guys: Live at Red Butte GardenThe Piano Guys: Live at Red Butte Garden

Christina Perri – A Thousand Years (Piano/Cello Cover) – The Piano Guys

The Most Viewed Piano Guys Video on YouTube

Filmed near Baker Dam in Southern Utah this song, A Thousand Years was inspired by Jon Schmidts’ 17 year old daughter.

It is a popular wedding song by artist Christina Perri and when you read the lyrics you can understand why. Since the lyrics suggest a bride walking to the groom a part of the Bridal Chorus is disguised in the music. Can you find it?
(Listen FREE with Amazon Prime)

A Thousand YearsA Thousand Years

The Piano Guys Music Books

Piano Guys Sheet Music for Piano and Cello

If you are motivated and inspired like I am by the Piano Guys you can also play their musical arrangements. But be forewarned, they are NOT easy. Be prepared to play with your whole arm, with lots of flats, lots of rhythm and be prepared to be at your piano for a long time.

You will have FUN!! The Piano Guys are an Internet sensation for a reason. The sheet to All of Me, A Thousand years, Bring Him Home, Twinkle Lullaby and more can be found in these music books below.

Of course there are cello parts that can be pulled out to create your own performances. So what are you waiting for? Get playing!

The Piano Guys - Solo Piano Optional CelloThe Piano Guys – Solo Piano Optional CelloThe Piano Guys - Wonders Songbook for Piano & CelloThe Piano Guys – Wonders Songbook for Piano & CelloThe Piano Guys - Uncharted: Piano Solo with optional celloThe Piano Guys – Uncharted: Piano Solo with optional celloThe Piano Guys - CoversThe Piano Guys – CoversThe Piano Guys Easy Piano/CelloThe Piano Guys Easy Piano/CelloThe Piano Guys - Wonders: Piano Play-Along Volume 131 (The Piano Guys - Hal Leonard Piano Play-Along)The Piano Guys – Wonders: Piano Play-Along Volume 131 (The Piano Guys – Hal Leonard Piano Play-Along)

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  1. Gypzeerose

    I loved learning of the piano guys! You have opened me up to a great new group. I have never seen and heard the piano used so creatively.

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