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Best Home Deep Fryers For Turkey

Electric Indoor Turkey Fryer vs Outdoor Propane Turkey Fryer

Not everyone likes frying turkey at home. The main reason is because of the risk involved in handling a pot of boiling hot oil. But with the right precautions, whether you are using the indoor electric turkey fryer or the outdoor propane turkey cooker, frying and serving delicious home cooked turkey can be fun and enjoyable.

Differences between the indoor and outdoor turkey fryers

The indoor cooker is powered by electric which means that you do not have to buy a tank of propane. It uses less oil compared to the outdoor traditional turkey cooker. The Butterball electric indoor turkey fryer uses 33% less oil compared to propane fryers.

If you wish to fry a large bird of above 20 pounds, you will have to use the outdoor type.

You can easily change to a bigger pot for larger birds when frying outdoors whereas the pot size is fixed for those indoor fryers.

Indoor fryers come with safety features such as auto shut off when oil gets too hot. The timer feature is useful as this prevents overcooking of the turkey.

Not all outdoor fryers have auto shut down features. Some like the Brinkman turkey fryer has a temperature sensor feature. This auto shuts off the gas supply when the pot of oil gets too hot.

The oil free turkey fryer just like the oil free hot air fryer, fries without oil.

This type of turkey cookers are great for those following strict low fat diets. No oil is used, only hot air. It is somewhat like a roaster.

There are 2 main brands for this fryer that uses no oil. The Butterball oil free electric turkey fryer and the Char-Broil infrared turkey fryer that is powered by propane.

Outdoor Propane Turkey Fryers

Outdoor turkey fryers normally come with a deep aluminum or stainless steel pot, turkey rack and metal hook to lift and lower the turkey into the boiling oil.

However, you can just buy the pot alone if you do not wish to buy the turkey fryer kit. Some kits come with the burner too.

Indoor Electric Turkey Fryers

The indoor electric turkey fryers are compact and portable. Smaller size birds are more suitable for these cookers. These are convenient to use as you do not really have to sit in front of the fryer throughout the cooking process.

Oil Free Turkey Fryers

There are 2 types of healthy oil free turkey fryers. One is powered by electricity while the other type is powered by propane. You get to save on the expensive peanut oil. There is no oil to dispose of which is indeed a great convenience.

Both have to be used outdoors.

Home Turker Fryers

The home turkey fryer can be used to boil or steam crabs, crawfish, oysters, vegetables etc. It is very useful if you are entertaining and need to cook in bulk.

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  1. Gypzeerose

    I didn’t know that you could buy an indoor home deep fryer for turkey. I might think about it, I never would consider the outdoor ones because they seem bulky to me, but I know they work for other family’s.

    • Cherry Blossom

      Hi Gypzeerose,

      Another advantage with these electric indoor turkey fryers is that you do not have to worry about open flames and the risk involved.

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