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Best Hot Air Fryer Reviews

Best Hot Airfryers For Home Use

Tasty crispy fried chicken wings, French fries or nuggets have always been staple in most people’s diet. Now, there is a more healthy way to fry food using less or even no oil at all. Using the home hot air fryer or greaseless air fryer is a more healthy way to eat fried food.

The hot airfryer technology makes use of rapidly circulating hot air to cook the food. The hot air cooks fast and seal in the juices. Your food ens up crispy and moist, just like when you fry it in hot oil. Using the low far air fryer is considered healthier when compared to fat-laden fried food such as those sold by fast food joints.

So, what are the best air fryers for home use?

Let’s choose one based on the capacity and ease of use.

The Philips hot air fryer cooker has several excellent features that appeal to consumers like you and me. The Philips HD9220 model comes with 2 manual dials for controlling temperature and time. With a maximum temperature of 390 degrees F and a maximum time of 30 minutes, frying food in hot circulating air results in succulent meat, juicy steaks and crispy French fries. It has a capacity of 1.8 pounds, suitable for singles, couples and small families.

The Philips HD9230 model is the improved version and comes with digital display. Having the same capacity as the HD9220 hot airfryer, it has a touch screen interface for temperature control and timer. There is also a double layer cooking rack included which means that you can cook more food at one go.

You have the option of buying a non-sick baking tray for both models and this is really cool as you can cook and bake lots more foodstuff.

Tefal Actifry Frying Machine

The T fal Actifry hot air fryer works along the same rapid air technology as the Philips air fryers. Hot air moving at fast speed all around the food cooks it to perfection. The Tefal Actifry has a different design from the Philips low fat fryer.

It comes with a plastic see-through cover and this is great as you can have a look at the food being fried. It comes with a paddle for stirring the food to ensures more even cooking. However, this means that food that breaks easily such as fish fillet, might not be so suitable. The paddle will break up the fish.

At a cooking capacity of 2.2 pounds, it comes with just 2 control buttons. The power button is for on and off only whereas the second button is a digital timer with buzzer. There is also a color recipe book included.

Hot Air Fryers Accessories

The Philips models have the options of buying separately accessories that you can add to the air fryer for additional cooking surfaces and a better air frying experience. You get to cook more at one go and this is useful if you have to cook for more.

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