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Patriotic Betsy Ross Costumes for Girls

Betsy Ross Costumes for Girls for Parades, Plays and even Halloween

Betsy Ross Costumes for Girls gives you a wonderful selection of Betsy Ross Costumes which will be fabulous for any girl who enjoys dressing up. This would be a great costume for the 4th of July school play, Halloween, historic themed parades, or role playing in a backyard presentation to study for a history test.

Children of all ages would have fun putting together a backyard play and sharing what they have learned about United States History. Check for events where your child can dress up and involve them. Local drama clubs are also an option for a girl who is enjoying dressing up and role play. If you don’t have one, start one. Many remarkable groups started as backyard plays or shows for family gatherings.

Girls Betsy Ross CostumeGirls Betsy Ross Costume

Costumes are a great way to learn, to have fun, and most of all to discover more about ourselves. There are many heroes to choose from who will provide children with a way of life which can help them while developing their own personality.

Betsy Ross Costume Set

Costume sets are a great way to buy costumes. You can use the set elements to create a costume. Easy enough for a weekend family project. Add other sets and make it a party activity for your next gathering. You and your child will feel a sense of accomplishment, and will enjoy spending time working on this project together.

Forum Betsy Ross Costume SetForum Betsy Ross Costume Set

Betsy Ross Girl’s Costume

Betsy Ross Costumes for Older Girls and Teens

Girls will enjoy the Betsy Ross Girl’s Costume and each design element is so remarkable they are sure to impress every one at the party. Great for the school production on Independence Day or for any time of the year when a costume is part of the festivities. Reasonable enough to have handy for the dress up play dates with her friends.

Girls Betsy Ross CostumeGirls Betsy Ross CostumeChild Betsy Ross CostumeChild Betsy Ross Costume

Betsy Ross House

Girls’ Colonial Hat and Wig

Top off your outfit with a wig and a cap like Betsy Ross was known to wear. These fun accessories can make or break your costume! If you truly want an authentic look, then you’ve got to have the hair and the hat!

Forum Novelties Colonial Girl Child Wig, WhiteForum Novelties Colonial Girl Child Wig, WhiteGirls White Colonial WigGirls White Colonial Wig

Colonial White Bonnet Child HatColonial White Bonnet Child HatColonial Mop HatColonial Mop Hat

Colonial Girls’ Costume

Any girl’s colonial costume will work for a Betsy Ross costume. If you are unable to find your child’s size in a traditional Betsy Ross costume, When you are having a school play there will be a need for the Colonial Costume for all the girls in the play.

Forum Novelties Colonial Girl Costume,Big Girls’ Colonial Girl CostumeColonial Girl CostumeRG Costumes Colonial Peasant GirlForum Novelties Pilgrim Girl CostumeDeluxe Colonial Girl Kids Costume

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