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Beyond the Valley

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Beyond the Valley: Finding Hope in Life’s Losses is a  NONFICTION – ADULT: Philosophy, Religion & Spirituality: written by Dave Branon.

Dave Branon tells of his valley that he had to walk through when his 17 year old daughter, Melissa was killed in an automobile accident.  He had several questions that he found himself asking God.

Beyond the Valley

Beyond the Valley

He broke the book down into pieces;

The Lord Is My Shepherd
The God Father; Decisions, Decisions (He tells of making plans the Memorial Service)

The Big Unanswerable ( the many Questions)

A Complete Life

A Random Act.

I Shall Not Want

Wants and Promises( he tells how we want that person to be alive and back with us)

Are You Crazy

Grace Alone ( God will give us grace to help us through the valley).

Up or Down? Which is It ?

He Leads Me

Remembering the Great Sufferer ( How we need to remember how He suffered and what valleys He went through)

The Promise

Take What you can Get

Keep Calling ( Keep calling on God)

The Weeping One ( He tells how a song can make tears come unexpected).

He Restores My Soul

What Have I Done ( To deserve this ?)

A Little Help Here

Where is Your God? ( He tells of his 15 year old son walking away from God)

Heart Cry

The One and Only.

Fearing No Evil

Like a Death

Blessings and Disability( how alike as to death)

Lost But Not Gone ( The peace of knowing they are with God)

Helping or Helpless

The Road Ahead

You Are With Me

Never Alone ( God’s Promise that He will never leave us)

Hey, God It’s Me, Are You Listening ( He speaks of the times when we feel like God isn’t listening)

Keep On Praying ( A gentle Reminder)

My Comfort

Inseparable Love ( How we can not get away from  God’s love)

Happy ! Is It Possible?

Renewal, Continue in God’s Love

Goodness and Mercy Follow

No Pioneers, Can It Ever Be Well ( How time does not heal)

Young Death

Whose Your Titus?  ( He tells of a friend who came to him to ask if he could be of any help),


Griever’s theology, I Could Sing, Maybe ( His daughter was a beautiful singer, he can’t sing but there is hope that one day in heaven he may be able to sing).

Racing to Heaven, Keep Telling Me That, Tent Dwellers ( That we are dwelling in tents awaiting our mansion that is being prepared).

This book is intended to help us deal with grief especially when we have lost children.

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