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Big Bang Theory Costumes

Funny Big Bang Theory Costumes

If you are a fan of the television program, “The Big Bang Theory,” then you’ll get a kick out of the costumes featured here. Some of them will only be understood by fans of the show, like the Doppler Effect costume.

You’ll even find Soft Kitty costumes, which is a song Sheldon likes to hear when he is sick.

Be unique this Halloween, when you dress as your favorite character from The Big Bang Theory. You will be the talk of the party


Sheldon Cooper Costume

Sheldon is the highly intelligent, often understood member of the group of friends from The Big Bang Theory.

When he makes a stupid joke, he smiles his strange smile and says, “Bazinga!” That’s why the t-shirt on this costume says that.

This costume comes with the shirt and the pants. The mask is sold separately.

Mystery House The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Bazinga Mens CostumeMystery House Costumes Sheldon Mask, Multi, One Size

The Big Bang Theory T-Shirt Costumes

Wear these costume t-shirts with any pair of pants, nerd glasses and any other character accessories you can think of. This is a simple way to express your appreciation for The Big Bang Theory, and you can always wear these any time of the year, too.

 Big Bang Theory Bazinga! Men’s T-Shirt,More Details The Big Bang Theory Leonard Trompe-l’oeilMore Details The Big Bang Theory No OneMore Details Big Bang Theory – Leonard CostumeMore Details Sheldon — Trompe Loeil Costume —More Details Big Bang Theory – Mens SheldonMore Details The Big Bang Theory Wesley CrushersMore Details Mens The Big Bang Theory Shel-botMore Details Howard — Trompe Loeil Costume —More Details Raj — Trompe Loeil Costume —More Details Big Bang Theory – Mens RajMore Details Big Bang Theory – Mens HowardMore Details

Mystery House Sheldon’s Doppler Effect Costume

Mystery House Sheldon’s Doppler Effect Costume

Available in 4 sizes, this Doppler Effect costume will be appreciated by fans of The Big Bang Theory.

In one episode, the character Sheldon dressed in a similar costume for a Halloween party, hoping he would win a prize.

For most it was confusing, but Sheldon thought it was ingenious.


More Doppler Effect Costumes

Sheldon Cooper Doppler Effect Adult CostumeDoppler Barcode CostumeDoppler Effect Costume [Apparel]CafePress Doppler Effect Dark T-ShirtCafePress The Doppler Effect – Nnnyyyoooowwww Dark T-Shirt

“Soft Kitty” Sheldon Sings To Penny [ HD ]

Mystery House Women’s Soft Kitty

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur.
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr.

This costume is based on the song from the video featured above. Sheldon’s mother sang it to him whenever he was sick as a child. He asked Penny to sang it to him in an episode, but in the episode above, she asked him to sing it to her.

Mystery House Women’s Soft Kitty

More Soft Kitty Warm Kitty Costumes

 The Big Bang Theory Soft KittyMore Details Soft Kitty Cat One Piece CostumeMore Details

The Big Bang Theory Penny Yellow Vest Blouse Costume Shirt

The Big Bang Theory Penny YellowMore Details

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