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Big Hero 6 Action Figures Disney Toys

Disney Big Hero Six Action Figures Toys

Kids are going to love these Big Hero 6 Action Figures Toys by Disney!

Big Hero 6 is a 2014 American 3D computer-animated superhero action-comedy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The film is directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams, and is the 54th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. Inspired by the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name,[4] the film tells the story of a young robotics prodigy named Hiro Hamada, who forms a superhero team to combat a masked villain responsible for the death of Hiro’s older brother.

Kids will love bringing these Big Hero Six Action Figures Toys to life in their own home. They will provide hours of entertainment for you children, who will want to collect them all.

Give these as gifts for any occasion, and let the fun begin!

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Big Hero 6 Deluxe Flying Baymax with Hiro Action Figures

Big Hero 6 11″ Deluxe Flying Baymax with 4.5″ Hiro Action Figures

Big Hero 6 11″ Deluxe Flying Baymax with 4.5″ Hiro Action Figures

Large and in-charge, this massive Baymax is ready to fly into battle using all his great weapons and features to save the day, just like in Disney’s movie, Big Hero 6. Baymax is huge at 11 Inch tall with a wingspan that extends to 18 Inch. Activate the lights and sounds or save San Fransokyo using Baymax’s launching rocket fist. Baymax comes with a 4.5-inch Hiro Hamada figure, which when attached to Baymax’s back unlocks additional flying sounds that vary from descending rocket sounds to ascending rocket sounds depending on whether Baymax is pointed up or down. This great innovation brings the product to life and Disney’s Big Hero 6 to your home.

BIG HERO 6 Promo Clip – Characters (2014) Disney Animation

Big Hero 6 is the first Disney animated feature film to feature Marvel Comics characters, whose parent company was acquired by The Walt Disney Company in 2009. Walt Disney Animation Studios created new software technology to produce the film’s animated visuals.

Big Hero 6 premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival on October 23, 2014 and at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival in 3D on October 31, 2014. It was theatrically released in the United States on November 7, 2014, and was met with positive reviews.

These 3 Big Hero six Disney Action Figures Toys are based on characters from the film.

Big Hero 6 Wasabi No-Ginger Action FigureBig Hero 6 Hiro Hamada Action FigureBig Hero 6 Fred Action Figure

Big Hero 6 Armor-Up Baymax Action Figure

Big Hero 6 Armor-Up Baymax Action Figure

Transform your favorite character from Disney’s Big Hero 6, Baymax, from his white, Nursebot form to his crime fighting, super hero form. Use the over 20 body armor pieces to Armor Up the 6-inch Nursebot Baymax figure and construct a powered-up version 8-inch super hero figure ready for action. Easy to assemble and fun to transform back and forth as you re-enact all your favorite moments when Baymax prepares for battle and returns to his lovable form.

Now go out there and fight crime with the best of them!

Kids will love dressing this character in his battle armor!


Funko POP! Big Hero 6 Figures

These Funko POP! Big Hero 6 Figures stand almost 4″ tall. Collectors of movie memorabilia and Funko POP! toys will love these, as will fans of the film!

Action heroes that have been given the POP! treatment might possibly be the cutest of all, don’t you think?

 POP! Disney: Big Hero 6-Baymax – 6 inch POP! Big Hero 6 – Nurse Baymax Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada Pop! Vinyl Figure Big Hero 6 Wasabi No-Ginger Pop! Vinyl Figure Funko POP! Disney: Big Hero 6-Honey Lemon Action Figure Funko POP! Disney: Big Hero 6-Go Go Tomago Action Figure Funko POP! Disney: Big Hero 6-Fred Action Figure Funko POP! Disney #143 Big Hero 6 Unmasked Baymax (2015 SDCC Exclusive) Funko POP! Disney Big Hero 6 FUN.com Exclusive Metallic Armored Baymax Big Hero 6 Baymax Pop Figure Collection Funko POP! Disney: Big Hero 6 Bundle Funko POP! Disney – Vinyl Figure – Big Hero 6 – SET OF 5 Regular Pop!

Big Hero 6 Honey Lemon Action Figure

Big Hero 6 Honey Lemon Action Figure

Honey Lemon is a quirky chemistry whiz at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. She’s a glass-is-half-full kind of person, but she has this mad-scientist quality with a twinkle in her eye—there’s more to Honey than it seems.

Honey Lemon comes with her bear luggage and other accessories, and she posses her own unique powers to battle evil.


Big Hero Six Disney Action Figures Toys

Each of these characters have their own personalities and special powers. They are “normal” by day, but when need be, they become fierce fighters out to destroy evil. Collect them all, and also give them as gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions. Disney’s Big Hero 6 is one of the hottest animated films they’ve made thus far!

Big Hero 6 Go Go Tomago Action FigureBig Hero 6 Yokai Action FigureBig Hero 6 Projection Baymax Vinyl Action Figure with Sound Effects

More Big Hero 6 Merchandise

 Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada Mask Big Hero 6 Baymax Mask Big Hero 6 Baymax 10-Inch Talking Plush Big Hero 6 Baymax Rocket Fist Big Hero 6 Baymax Plush Figure Disney Big Hero 6 Go Go Tomago Doll Big Hero 6 3DS – Nintendo 3DS Disney INFINITY Originals – Hiro and Baymax Figures from Big Hero 6 Character Bundle Disney Big Hero 6 Figure Set Disney Big Hero 6-Jet Blast Micro Raschel Blanket Disney Big Hero 6 72 by 86-Inch Microfiber Comforter, Twin/Full Big Hero 6 Action Figure Set

Disney Baymax Plush – Big Hero 6 – Medium – 15”

Cuddle-up to our soft stuffed Baymax for compassionate care and comfort throughout the daily adventure of life. This big plush robot is sure to cure any dull day. Kids of all ages will love playing with this plush Baymax toy, and they will cuddle with him day and night.

Disney Baymax Plush – Big Hero 6 – Medium – 15”

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