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Cool Bird Cages

You’ll Enjoy These Cool Bird Cages!

Bird cages are not only practical places for your pet birds to live, but they can add some cool and funky decor to your home, as well.

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a bird cage for your bird is whether or not the bird has ample room to move, and will be safe and comfortable in the cage. Your pet bird’s comfort should be your number one priority.

You’ll find some unique and fun bird cages here for both small and large pet birds. Add some whimsy to your home with these cool bird cages!

These make awesome gifts for your school or child care center, if they have pet birds, too, or give them to other bird owners in your life.

Your bird or birds will enjoy their new cage just as much as you do. Remember to provide them with fresh water and food daily, and plenty of toys to play with, and other items that birds require to stay healthy.

Cool Bird Cages on Amazon

ZENTIQUE Metal Bird Cage

ZENTIQUE Metal Bird CageZENTIQUE Metal Bird CageView Now

This bottle bird cage will take up minimal room in your space, and it offers a modern design touch to any living space.

Great for smaller birds who don’t require a lot of room to move around.

Your birds will have fun climbing up and down the 44″ of this bird cage.

Plutus Brands Metal Bird Cage

Designed with Fine Attention to Detail

Plutus Brands Metal Bird Cage DesignedPlutus Brands Metal Bird Cage DesignedView Now

Crafted from metal of superior quality Designed with fine attention to detail Can be used indoors or outdoors Sturdy and long lasting build.

House your pet birds in an attractive home with this Metal Bird cage set! The set features 2 different sized cages. Sporting a classic appeal, this cage set makes for an excellent choice for blending in with traditional decor and settings.

These cages include minimal detail work, giving them a neat and attractive appearance. The cages can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference. They flaunt a deep, brown finish that makes them ideal for blending with all decors perfectly.

Medium Victorian Style Bird Cage

Medium Victorian Style Bird Cage PlatinumMedium Victorian Style Bird Cage PlatinumView Now

Cage is available in Platinum (shown) or Black. Bird cage top opens to a play top. Has a drop down horizontal top door for front perching. Horizontal side bars, vertical bars are in the front and back. Has 3 swing-out feeder doors and 1 breeder door. Includes 3 stainless steel feeder cups.

I love the design and color of this bird cage! It will look so sleek in your home, and your birds will love it!

Prevue Hendryx Featherstone Heights Victorian Bird Cage

Multi Colored

Prevue Hendryx Featherstone Heights Victorian BirdPrevue Hendryx Featherstone Heights Victorian BirdView Now

This cool bird cage is made to resemble classic American home styles. It’s perfect for small birds and small spaces.

Replicates classic American home styles
Features generous floor plans

Cool Bird Cages

These cool bird cages offer ample room for your birds to frolic and play. Keep your birds happy with a roomy cage that is kept clean, and you’ll have happy birds for a lifetime.

A&E Cage Co. Large Split Level House Bird Cage with DividerA&E Cage Co. Large Split Level House Bird Cage with DividerThe Prevue Pet Products Wrought-iron Black Double-roof Play-top Bird CageThe Prevue Pet Products Wrought-iron Black Double-roof Play-top Bird CageStainless Steel Play Top Bird CageStainless Steel Play Top Bird CageA and E Cage Co. Dome Top Bird CageA and E Cage Co. Dome Top Bird Cage

Caitec TreeTops Clear View Bird Habitat

Suggested for Finches Canaries, Parakeets Lovebirds Parrotlets Cockatiels and other small birds. Horizontal wire side panels provide ample ventilation and the climbing area birds need. Unique multi-diameter waved shape perches simulates tree limbs a variety of diameters helps minimize fatigue. Convenient display options include the Treetops floor stand or the Treetops wall mounted shelf. Easy-To-Clean Pull out floor grate Pull-out catch tray Pull-out gravity feeders Removable clear window panels.

Treetops Small Bird Habitat, 24.2-Inch WTreetops Small Bird Habitat, 24.2-Inch WView Now

Bird Cages for Small Birds

Even though small birds don’t need a huge cage, you should still provide them with a cage that offers plenty of room for them to move around freely. If possible let them out of their cage periodically to explore your home, as long as they will be safe. Perhaps you could dedicate a bedroom just for the bird(s) to explore and roam around in for a while.

The cages featured below are ideal for smaller pet birds. Find one that works well for your bird and your household. Remember to give your bird lots of fresh water daily, as well as healthy food, and toys to enjoy.

 Vision Bird Cage Model S01 – YML Flat Top Medium Parakeet Cage Prevue Pet Products Flight Cage, White Prevue Pets White Arched Top Companion Prevue Pet Products Travel Bird Cage Vision Bird Cage Model M02 – YML 3/8-Inch Bar Spacing ShellTop Small Kaytee Play n Learn Cage for Design-Line Small Bird Cage Kit- White Liberta UK All New Stylish Riviera Prevue Hendryx SP31999R Classic Round Bird Prevue Hendryx SP1720-4 Shanghai Parakeet Cage,

Prevue Pet Products Empire Extra Large Bird Cage

Black Hammertone

The Empire macaw cage is one of the largest cages available from Prevue Pet Products. Three stainless steel, non tip bowls and one hardwood perch included. Flathead hex bolts assemble easily and can not be un-screwed by birds. Pull out bottom grille and tray make cleaning easy while rounded corner seed guards keep your floors clean too.

Prevue Pet Products Empire Bird Cage,Prevue Pet Products Empire Bird Cage,

Bird Cages for Large Birds

Naturally large birds are going to require larger bird cages, so give them one or more that they can move around in and have fun in. Perhaps one for play and one for sleep, or designate a bedroom for them to play freely outside of their cages. I know some people who let their large pet birds wander freely around the home, and that’s fine, as long as you know they are safe and feel secure.

These large bird cages are just what you need to help keep your large bird satisfied. Along with food, water, toys and treats, you’ll be providing your birds with the best possible care, and they’ll provide you with a lifetime of joy.

 Giantex Bird Cage Large Play Top Flyline Parrot Escape Jumbo Corner Bird Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight New Large Wrought Iron Bird Parrot Large Wrought Iron Double Ladders With Parrot Macaw Cockatoo African Grey Bird Large Wrought Iron Metal Bird Flight Costzon Bird Parrot Cage Chinchilla Cockatiel Bird Parrot Cage Cockatiel Amazon African Prevue Pet Products Empire Bird Cage, Large Wrought Iron Bird Cage Parrot Giantex Bird Cage Large Play Top New Large Double Ladders Open Play Prevue Pet Products Large Royalty Bird Large Bird Cage Parrot Aviary with Yescom Large Parrot Bird Flight Finch Large Double Flight Bird Wrought Iron 32x18x64

Cool Bird Cages on Wayfair

You and your birds will enjoy these cool bird cages from Wayfair! Choose the size and style that will best fit your bird(s) and your space. Provide your birds with everything they need to be happy and healthy, and they will provide you with years of entertainment and joy.

Nina Playtop Bird CageNina Playtop Bird Cage

 Shanghai Parakeet Bird Cage Loro Flight Bird Cage Pagoda Cockatiel Bird Cage Clean Life Cockatiel Bird Cage Pagoda Top Bird Cage Aviary Free Standing Bird Cage Gone Green Portico Bird Aviary Small Walk Bird Aviary Pointed Top Floor Bird Aviary Double Flight Bird Cage with Divider Multi Vista Bird Cage Small Bird Cage by A&E Cage

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