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Birth Announcement Pillows

A Cute New Pillow For Your New Baby

A pillow announcing your baby’s birth can be a keepsake you’ll cherish for years. Get one of these that reflects your own personal style and has all the details of your child’s birth and it can be something you proudly display on your couch or your bed for years. Even when your child is grown and has little ones of his or her own, you’ll still have the pillow you had made to commemorate the day he or she was born.

All of the pillows below can, of course, be personalized with whatever name, date and other details you need. On the ones that feature pictures of babies, those pictures can be swapped out with ones that you upload when you order so that there will be pictures of your baby on the pillow.

If you like the pillow to the left,
you can get it here from Zazzle:
Cute Animals Toy Train Birth Announcement Throw Pillow

Boy’s Birth Announcement Pillows

These pillows feature a lot of blues and images of toys like trucks and airplanes that little boys might like.

You can get one with a single picture of your baby on it or with several pictures. You can get one with cute dinosaurs on it or with trains or planes. Or you can get one that’s just a solid blue with your baby’s name and details.

Girl’s Birth Announcement Pillows

These pillows have lots of pinks and girly images that little girls would love.

You can get one with pictures of your baby on it or one with a cute elephant or rocking horse. Or, of course, you can get one that’s just a solid pink with all of your baby’s information on it.

Don’t forget that these birth announcement pillows would make great gifts.

If you know some new parents or even grandparents, they would no doubt love one of these pillows to have and cherish and their baby grows.

Want To See All Of The Available Birth Announcement Pillows?

If you didn’t find one you like above, there are lots more right here:
Birth Announcement Pillows

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  1. Gypzeerose

    The birth of a baby is such a special time – these birth announcement pillows will just add to the fun!

  2. You have featured some lovely things here for us to check out, thank you! :D

  3. Really cute idea. Could be bought by the new mother as her own memento. Or could be gifted to the new mother, or could be given as announcements. Many choices. I like them.

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