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Black Business Cards

Black Business Cards That Your Customers Will Really Notice

Are you tired of the boring business cards that are just plain white with black text on them? Your customers probably are too. If you want to try something different, something that will get your customers’ attention, you might want to consider black business cards. They look nice, and they’re something that you don’t see every day. If you can get your customers to pay attention to your business cards, then they’ll be more likely to keep them. And if they hold on to them, they’ll be more likely to give you their business again in the future. A nice black business card can help make that happen.

All of the business cards below are available on several different types of paper (including one that can’t be easily torn up). They’re printed with whatever you want them to say on both sides of the card, so you’re less limited in the amount of text you can add. And, of course, you can add pictures or change fonts and make your finished cards totally unique.


Simple Plain Black Business Card

Plain Black Business Cards

These cards have simple black backgrounds (sometimes with a little bit of a pattern for texture) with white or light grey printing on them. There isn’t a lot of flash. They just get the job done. The light printing on a dark background is a little bit unexpected for a business card and that gets the client’s attention while still looking quiet and dignified.

You can get them with or without a monogram, in a couple of different shapes and of course the text can be arranged in a number of different ways.

Black Business Cards That Are A Bit More Flashy

If you want a card that is still black with white printing but you don’t want it to be so plain, here are some great options for you. You can get them with a frame around the outer edge or a large monogram in the background or a bold decorative pattern instead of plain black.

Black Business Cards With A Little Color

These cards are still largely black. They’ve just got a tiny bit of color that really makes them pop.

You can get them with some pink highlights on them, a blue spotlight behind the printing or just have your name and monogram in green.

There Are Plenty More Black Business Cards Right Here

You can see a huge selection of black business cards (or any other color) at Zazzle:

Black Business Cards

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  1. These are very classy black business cards with an elegant touch. Would make any business look more professional

  2. Very nice professional and simple business cards. They make a statement and would get the point across. nice job.

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