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Blown Glass Ornaments


Blown Glass Collectible Ornaments

There’s nothing quite as beautiful and unique as blown glass Christmas tree ornaments. These glass ornaments are brilliant and gorgeous hanging on any tree, ornament holder, or in a window of your home.

These hand blown glass ornaments are not made by a machine. Each one is meticulously hand blown by hand with intricate details and bold colors.

You’ll enjoy a variety of brands and online stores showcased here, so you’re sure to find the ideal blown glass Christmas tree ornaments for your home or office, or to give as gifts to the special people in your life.

Glassblowing is a glass-forming technique that involves inflating molten glass into a bubble (or parison), with the aid of a blowpipe (or blow tube). A man or woman who blows glass is called a glassblower, glassmith, or gaffer. It’s a fun profession to watch, and these ornaments are fun to collect and give as gifts! They are truly works of art, and will add unique decor to your home.

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Blown Glass Solar System Ornament Set, 9 Planets with Sun!

Blown Glass Solar System Ornament Set, 9 Planets with Sun!

Blown glass Christmas ornaments. A Saturn that actually LOOKS like Saturn, with Cassini data used to etch the rings! A Sun with sunspots! Earth and Mars with clouds and polar caps, Jupiter with a red spot, and Pluto,too! And with a loop on the top to hang on your tree. Hang these in the window during non-Christmas months. The sunlight coming through them is amazing! Ornament size is about 2″ for the small ones, up to 4 inches, and Saturn has the rings about 4.5″. With the rings, the ornament is heavier and thicker than my others. They are able to withstand normal handling and last a lifetime as heirloom pieces.


Selection of Kitras Art Glass Blown Ornaments

Many of these beautiful hand blown glass window ornaments from Kitras Art are traditionally known as a symbol of friendship. They sparkle in the light the way a good friend brings sparkle to your life. Colors swirl and mingle across the surfaces of each ball enhancing each other. These balls have intriguing ripples and ridges making them a delight to touch as well as behold. Find Calico and other art glass blown ornaments below.

 Kitras 6-Inch Calico Ball, Festive/Multi Kitras 3-Inch Calico Ball, Classic/Multi Hand Blown Glass Ornament Kitras 6-Inch Fairy Orb Art Glass, Lime Kitras 6-Inch Blossom Ball Glass Ornament, Sympathy Kitras 2-Inch Calico Ball, Festive/Multi Kitras Witch Ball, Cobalt/Amethyst Glass Eye Studio Hand Blown Glass Raindrop Ornament – Rainbow Kitras 3-Inch Heart Shaped Glass Ornament, Purple


Laved Italian Ornaments SANTA PEPPERMINT CAROUSEL Glass Christmas CAR015

This is an amazing work of art by LAVED ITALIAN ORNAMENTS. New with tag and box. Made in Romania. Christmas. Materials: Glass. Mouth-blown and hand-decorated by Romanian artisans.


Laved Italian Ornaments WIZARD OF OZ CAROUSEL

Laved Italian Ornaments WIZARD OF OZ CAROUSEL Glass Lion Scarecrow Tin Man CAR017

Another gorgeous highly collectible ornament from LAVED ITALIAN ORNAMENTS. New with tag and box. Made in Romania. Materials: Glass. Mouth-blown and hand-decorated by Romanian artisans.


Selection of Laved Italian Ornaments

Northern Italy’s Christmas ornament industry has produced some of the most imaginative and distinctively attractive glass tree decorations since the end of WWII. Free-blown and expertly hand-painted in small workshops, these Italian ornaments are highly sought after by collectors everywhere. Laved, one of the early Italian ornament makers, produced a line of highly attractive and collectible figures similar to DeCarlini’s, but are differentiated from the latter by painting style, frequent use of a matte finish, and absence of trim materials.

 Laved Italian Ornaments GHOST CAROUSEL Glass Halloween Pumpkin Laved Italian Ornaments JACK-O-LANTERN CAROUSEL Glass Halloween Pumpkin Bats Laved Italian Ornaments DRACULA GHOST CAROUSEL Glass Halloween Pumpkins Laved Italian Ornaments SANTA CANDY CANE CAROUSEL Glass Christmas Laved Italian Ornaments SNOWMAN CAROUSEL Glass Ornament Christmas Holiday Laved Italian Ornaments TEDDY BEAR CAROUSEL Glass Christmas Ornament Laved Italian Ornaments CLOWN CAROUSEL Glass Circus Merry Go Round Laved Italian Ornaments CAT CAROUSEL Glass Ornament Christmas Feline Laved Italian Ornaments ANGEL CAROUSEL BLUE/GOLD Glass Christmas Religious Laved Italian Ornaments HAPPY HALLOWEEN REFLECTOR Glass Pumpkinsblown Glass Laved Italian Ornaments THREE PUMPKINS BLACK BALL Glass Halloween Carved Gourds Laved Italian Ornaments FLYING GREEN WITCH BALL Glass Halloween Pumpkin Broom Laved Italian Ornaments SKATING SNOWMAN BALL Glass Transparent Laved Italian Ornaments SANTA WITH PRESENTS BALL Laved Italian Ornaments MUSHROOM HOUSE

Glass Eye Studio Hand Blown Glass Ornament

Hand Blown Glass Ornament

You’ll love this ornament’s mesmerizing colors and hand-blown glass details. Looks absolutely stunning in a window with sunlight streaming through. A lovely addition to your Christmas tree too. Makes a great gift for anyone with a glass ornament collection. A piece of art all year-round.


Selection of Glass Eye Studio Hand Blown Glass Ornaments

Everything from Glass Eye Studio contains ash from the 1980 Mt. St. Helens eruption. All raindrop ornaments come with an artist card, celebrating Glass Eye Studio’s hand crafted artisan approach. All glass from Glass Eye Studio’s Seattle studio is individually crafted by artists, not machines. These lovely hand blown glass ornaments will add pops of color and shine to your Christmas tree, and they make fabulous gifts for family and friends, too.

 Glass Eye Studio Hand Blown Glass Ornament – Rainbow Sprinkle Glass Eye Studio Hand Blown Glass Ornament – Tulip Flurry Glass Eye Studios Spirit Ball Winter Sunset Ornament Glass Eye Studio Hand Blown Glass Ornament Designer Series – Red Platinum Twist Glass Eye Studio Ornament Designer Twinkle Glass Violet Globe Ornament Glass Eye Studio Classic Black Ice Ornament Glass Eye Studio Hand Blown Glass Ornament – Seafoam Ridged Glass Holiday Swirl Globe Ornament Glass Eye Studio Designer Carnival Raindrop Ornament Glass Eye Studio Rainbow Twist Raindrop Ornament Glass Eye Studio Holiday Swirl Classic Raindrop Ornament Glass Eye Studio Pink Taffy Raindrop Ornament Glass Eye Studio Hand Blown Glass Raindrop Ornament – Jade Mosiac Glass Eye Studio Hand Blown Glass Raindrop Ornament – Violet Chip

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