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Blue Willow China

The Blue Willow Pattern Is A Classic China Design Loved By All Generations!

This classic and treasured china and dinnerware features a design most commonly known as “Blue Willow,” this pattern is distinct and elaborate.

It’s used on ceramic dishes and accessories. Thomas Minton designed the pattern around 1790.

The background color is always white, while foreground colors can be blue (most common and featured here), pink, green and brown.

It is an affordable dinnerware that is popular with young couples as well as serious collectors. The Blue Willow china dishes were the first dinnerware that I started collecting as a young bride back in the 1970’s, and it was something not only functional but also decorative, as I displayed the china dishes in buffet shelves and hung some pieces on the wall with Plate Hangers.

It is a timeless and robust dinnerware as well, that once bought becomes heirloom pieces for future generations. In this lens we will feature some of the most popular Blue Willow design china available online.

Blue Willow Teapots and Cream/Sugar Set

HIC Blue Willow 32-Ounce Teapot with InfuserCheck PriceJohnson Brothers Willow Blue TeapotCheck PriceChurchill Blue Willow Teapot 40-ounceCheck PriceHIC Blue Willow Sugar and Creamer, Set of 2Check PriceSpode Blue Italian TeapotCheck PricePorcelain Teapot in Blue and White by S Hancock & Sons, Vintage EnglishCheck Price

Do You Know What The Blue Willow Design Is Based On?

The Blue Willow design depicts the charming and legendary old Chinese Blue Willow Story.

The story is about an angry father pursuing his eloping daughter. At the end, the father finds the maiden and her lover on a bridge, and before his eyes, they transform into love birds and fly away together.

The lovebirds can be seen on all Blue Willow designs. Keeping with the classic design, ever-present are the willows, the house where the lovers resided, the house to which they fled, the bridge where they were transformed – all of the central motifs of the Blue Willow story are in the design of each Blue Willow piece.

This is one reason that this design is a lovely Valentine’s Day or Wedding gift!

Blue Willow Dinnerware Sets

Johnson Brothers Blue Willow 20 Piece SetCheck PriceChurchill China Blue Willow 20 Piece Dinner SetCheck PriceChurchill Blue Willow 16-piece Earthen Dinnerware Set Service for 4 Kitchenware Dishes TablewareCheck PriceJohnson Brothers Willow Blue 5-Piece Place SettingCheck PriceHIC Blue Willow 10-Ounce Mugs, Set of 4Check PriceHIC Blue Willow Cup and Saucer, Set of 4Check Price

Blue Willow Gravy Boat

This is an essential part of any dinner table setting…not just for formal dinners, you need a convenient gravy boat in your setting to make sure you can serve gravy, cream, custard – any pouring sauce or condiment for your meal.

HIC Blue Willow 20-Ounce Gravy BoatCheck PriceChurchill China Blue Willow Gravy Boat 0.34LCheck Price

Blue Willow Serving Trays and Tier Servers

And featured here are some of the gorgeous and useful accessories that make all the difference when setting your table for a formal meal, or for a formal Afternoon Tea!

Being able to present your cucumber finger sandwiches, or tea cakes, on a beautiful presentation tray like any of these will make you the Host/Hostess with the Most!

Churchill China Blue Willow Cake Stand 3 TierCheck PriceBlue Willow Footed Cake Plate StandFootedCheck PriceSpode Blue Italian Melamine Handled TrayCheck Price

Blue Willow Figurines

And once you have started collecting and displaying your willow dinner set or tea settings, it will become harder to resist adding a few ornamental figurines to the house decor!

Remember that you can also hang some of the plates on the wall for a special grouping and then have a vase or figurine on a table below.

Here are a few interesting designs for you to consider:

The Blue Willow-InspiredCheck PriceBlue Willow China Pattern-Inspired Lady Figurine: Rowena by The Hamilton CollectionCheck PriceFigurine: Magical Blessing Of Two Lovers Blue Willow Artwork Figurine by The Hamilton CollectionCheck PriceBlessings For Two Lovers Angel Figurine: Inspired By The Blue Willow China Pattern by The Hamilton CollectionCheck PriceBlue Willow Figurine Salt and Pepper SetCheck PricePorcelain Butterfly Sculpture: Flights Of Fancy by The Bradford ExchangeCheck Price

Maybe you prefer the Spode designs instead?

The Spode china pattern design is inspired by an 17th Century Italian drawing

The Spode range of blue dinnerware china is often mistaken for Blue Willow by the casual collector.

It is a lovely product, and the design may be more to the taste of some other than the more oriental willow pattern.

The great thing about buying, giving, collecting any of the Blue and White patterned chinaware is that they all co-ordinate beautifully together.

So it doesn’t really matter if you get given a mixed bag of brands by confused friends who just know you collect this kind of dinnerware, but not the actual design brand!

Here is an example of what the Spode design looks like – compare them and see which you prefer!

Spode Blue Room Georgian Plates, Set of 6 Assorted MotifsCheck PriceSpode Blue Italian Dipping Dishes, Set of 3Check PriceSpode Blue Italian Devonia TrayCheck PriceSpode Blue Italian Tea Spoons (Box of 6)Check PriceSpode Blue Italian Covered Butter DishCheck PriceSpode Blue Italian 12 Piece SetCheck PriceSpode Blue Italian Soup Tureen and Ladle SetCheck PriceSpode Blue Italian Handled Serving DishCheck PriceSpode Blue Italian 5-Piece Place SettingCheck PriceSpode Blue Italian CreamerCheck PriceSpode Blue Italian Hexagonal VaseCheck PriceSpode Blue Italian Sandwich TrayCheck PriceSpode Blue Italian Oval PlatterCheck PriceSpode Blue Italian TeapotCheck PriceSpode Blue Italian Footed Cake PlateCheck PriceSPODE BLUE ITALIAN Small handled basket 6Check PriceSpode Blue Italian – Footed Bowl 4.75Check Price

Other Blue Willow Pieces You Will Enjoy

Churchill Blue Willow Large Jug / Pitcher 115ozCheck PriceChurchill Blue Willow Milk Jug 30-ounceCheck PriceChurchill Blue Willow Medium Jug 29ozCheck PriceBlue Willow ‘Bakeware’ Small Rectangular Baking Dish (Made in China)Check PriceBlue Willow ‘Bakeware’ Covered Casserole (Made in China)Check PriceBlue Willow ‘Bakeware’ Round Pie Dish (Made in China)Check PriceBlue Willow ‘Bakeware’ Handled Roasting Dish (Made in China)Check PriceJohnson Brothers Willow Blue Covered Sugar BowlCheck PriceJohnson Brothers Willow Blue CreamerCheck Price

Which Is Your Favourite Blue Willow Piece?

Or do you prefer sets?

I always love the sets… like the tea sets, which are my favourite selections of Blue Willow chinaware.

Some people are lucky enough to inherit entire dinner sets! Are you one of those?

What is your favourite piece in your collection?

Remember that you can also hang some of the plates on the wall for a special grouping and then have a vase or figurine on a table below.

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