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Blue Topaz Properties

Blue Topaz Properties

In ancient times, Topaz was a highly regarded stone that was thought to have healing and relaxation powers. The Romans wore topaz as a necklace to ward off sickness and pain.

The Egyptians worshiped topaz and thought it’s color came from the sun. They believed the stone kept them safe.

The Greeks were sure that they were invisible to enemies while wearing topaz. In the Middle Ages topaz became very popular for its strengthening and protection powers.

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Loose Blue Topaz Gemstones

 10×8 Oval Sky Blue Topaz Gem Stone Gemstone Faceted 2.95 Cts of 9 mm Round Checker Board AAA Loose Swiss Blue Topaz (1 pcs) Gemstone 0.75 Cts of 8×5 mm AAA Pear Swiss Blue Topaz (1 pc) Loose Gemstone Jaz77 – Natural London Blue Topaz Round 6 mm (1 pc) AAA Brilliant Cut Loose Stone 1.09-1.32 Cts of 6 mm AAA Square Step Cut Swiss Blue Topaz ( 1 pc ) Loose Gemstone 100 + Carats mix Blue Topaz, Loose Faceted Stones, Sky Blue Topaz Cut Mix, AAAmazing Cut and Quality, Mix Gems, Gemstones

Blue Topaz, Birthstone

Blue Topaz, the birthstone for
December is a stunning stone.
The cool blue color is bright and
radiant. For the fashion conscious,
the gorgeous Blue Topaz will
compliment almost every outfit
or color choice.

 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Natural Swiss Blue Topaz Ring Oval 10x8mm, size 8

Topaz is available in almost every color with blue being the most popular. There is even a much darker hue known a London Blue Topaz. The natural variations in color are due to the amount of iron in the stone and whether the stone has been exposed to heat.

Some blue topaz has been artificially treated with extreme heat to enhance the color to deeper shades.


Blue Topaz Properties in Lovely Jewelry Settings

 Sterling Silver London Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz, Light Blue Topaz and Diamond Dangle Earrings 14k White Gold Blue Topaz and Diamond Tennis Bracelet, 7.25 14K White Gold Natural London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring Round 6 mm Split Shank Diamond Accents, size 7.5 14k White Gold with 13tcw 8x12mm London Blue Topaz Gemstones Drop Hoop Leverback Earrings 9 ct Swiss Blue Topaz Bangle Bracelet with Diamonds in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold 14k White Gold Swiss Blue Topaz and Diamond Drop Pendant Necklace, 18

A Few Facts About Blue Topaz

-The United States sells the most Blue Topaz in the world.
-Blue Topaz is the official state gemstone of Utah.
-Poland was the first place that Topaz was ever found.
-Blue Topaz has a hardness of 8 on the gemstone scale
compared to a diamond’s hardness of 10.

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