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Bookshelves for Toddlers Allow Them to Select Their Own Books

WonkaWoo Deluxe Childrens Sling BookshelfWonkaWoo Deluxe Childrens Sling Bookshelf

A perfect time to foster a love of books is when your child is a toddler. Your baby may enjoy looking at simple books and pictures when he/she is as young as 6 months, and may especially enjoy books that repeat or rhyme between the ages of 1 and two, but when your child is 2 or 3, he or she will enjoy simple story lines as well as the pictures and will be able to retrieve a book from the shelf by himself and bring it to you to read or look at it alone.

It is at that time that it is helpful for the child to have his or her own bookshelf to store his favorite books.


Front Facing Toddler Bookshelf Storage Units

Front-facing bookshelves have the advantage of displaying books in a way that catches the child’s attention and allows him or her to easily find favorite books.

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More Toddler Bookshelves

There are also some nice book shelves on the market that are toddler-sized that are not front-facing.  Some of them have different themes that your child may enjoy and/or that fit the theme of the child’s room.  It is probably best to have shelves that are not too tall, so that the books are easily accessible.  The advantage of these is that they store more books!

 KidKraft Nantucket 2-shelf Bookcase Fantasy Fields – Magic Garden Bookshelf Kidkraft Firehouse Bookcase KidKraft Racecar Bookcase

A Combination Bookshelf Solution

Here’s one that combines the advantages of each type of book shelf in one. It both stores a lot of books and has a display area where the books are front-facing.  You can display your child’s favorites in that area or switch them out periodically.

 Guidecraft 4-sided Library Book Shelf

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